Canadian retailer leaks Nest Wifi router, beacon, & bundle pricing, Nest Hub Max launch

Credit: 9to5Google- Published on October 12, 2019
Following Best Buy Canada last night fully detailing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, another northern retailer has possibly leaked Nest Wifi pricing. This online store also suggests other Made by Google plans for Canada, including the Nest Mini and Nest Hub Max.


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Published on October 14, 2019 -  01:32
Like a semi-detached house this ornate wasp nest was discovered in a loft fused to an old nest
Like a semi-detached house this ornate wasp nest was discovered in a loft fused to an old nest.The pests had set up shop in a loft in Basingstoke, terrifying a wasp-phobic woman who lives there.Pest controllers were called in to tackle the huge wasps' lair, which has fused with a dead nest and grown to the size of a beach ball.Shane Jones from RIDTEK pest controllers in Basingstoke was summoned to deal with the nest and said he had "never seen anything like it before".He said: "It's built like a double bubble. It's a double rainbow of a wasp nest - it's really cool to see."The homeowners were very spooked by it. The lady who lives there has a phobia of wasps and she was absolutely terrified."But luckily we were in the area when she rang, and I was able to sort it out very quickly for her. We had been to this house before for a wasp nest, so I knew where to go."Concerned homeowners often buy fake nests and hang them in their lofts to deter wasps - the theory being that if you already have a nest in your attic, you won't get another one.The discovery of this monster nest has, Shane suggests, proved that wrong."We often see fake nests that people put up to keep the wasps away. But as we saw here, they just build a new nest right next to the other one."Autumn is "the end of the season" as far as wasps are concerned, Shane says, meaning that the insects buzzing around in the giant nest will be busy electing their new queens."Think of them like princesses for now - they are waiting to be queens. The nest is about to release next year's queens - the old ones will die around November, before the winter."It was amazing, because we don't see this at all - an old grey nest right next to a brand new one. That's what makes this stand out."

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