Boy Finds Rare Woolly Mammoth Tooth Outside Ohio Resort

Credit: Published 1 week ago
A 12-year-old boy found a strange object that turned out to be a woolly mammoth tooth at an Ohio resort. (Photo Credit: The Inn at Honey Run / Facebook)

Jackson Hepner was spending time with family at a local resort when he spotted a β€œstrange-looking” object near a creek. The 12-year-old’s discovery turned out to be a...

Credit: CBS4 Miami
Published 1 week ago -  00:25
WEB EXTRA: Boy Discovers Woolly Mammoth Tooth At Family Reunion
A young boy from Ohio made a 'mammoth' discovery at a family reunion , when he found a 10,000-year-old fossilized woolly mammoth tooth! He says he is excited to show it off at school!

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