Blue Origin and SpaceX get million-dollar NASA nod to test moon lander tech

Credit: TechCrunch- Published 1 week ago
Eleven aerospace companies will share more than $45 million in funds from NASA to design and test prototypes for the Artemis moon missions, the agency announced today. Among the established names like Northrop Grumman and Sierra Nevada are relative newcomers SpaceX and Blue Origin, looking to make a place for themselves on the...

Credit: Wochit
Published 2 weeks ago -  00:53
NASA To Send First Woman To The Moon Within 5 Years
NASA is requesting an additional $1.6 billion in funding for next year to accelerate its manned mission to the Moon by 2024, which the agency revealed will be titled Artemis, the New York Times reported on Monday. Per CNN, NASA emphasized that the agency plans to have the first female astronaut to set foot on the lunar surface on the Artemis crew. $1 billion of the request would go directly to the “commercial” lunar lander, CNN wrote, while $651 million would be allocated to the development of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle and the repeatedly delayed Space Launch System, NASA’s in-house rocket program to replace the retired Space Shuttle.

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