China Will Launch First Probe to Moon's Far Side Later This Week

Credit: Space Daily- Published on December 5, 2018
Beijing (Sputnik) Dec 05, 2018

On December 8, China's space agency will launch the Chang'e-4 probe, the first to visit the surface of the far side of the moon. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has been setting the stage for a number of remote lunar operations, launching the Queqiao communications satellite to an...

Credit: Wochit
Published on December 7, 2018 -  00:40
China Is About To Launch The First Robots To The Far Side Of The Moon
China is about to make space exploration history. Around 1:30 p.m. EST, the country's space agency is launching a lunar-landing mission to the moon's far side, which is hidden from Earth's view. The mission seeks to gently touch the spacecraft down on the surface β€” a feat that no country has ever attempted. The Chinese moon mission is called Chang'e-4. The mission's rover and lander could take unprecedented measurements of the rocks and lunar soil on the moon's far side.

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