Full-Color, 3D X-Rays Are Now a Reality

August 4, 2018
by Simon Baxendale -

The X-Ray is undoubtedly one of the most important and pioneering inventions of the past millennium. Millions of lives have been saved thanks to the technology, which has effectively allowed medical professionals to take a closer look at how our internal organs and features operate – in turn, it’s allowed us to find remedies and solutions to a whole host of ailments, illnesses and injuries. It’s safe to say that, without the X-Ray, things would be a lot more complex when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

The X-Ray image has always been 2D – and monochromatic – but now it appears advancements have been made in body-scanning technology which will allow us to analyse our innards in full color – and in 3D, too. MARS Bioimaging are responsible for the creation of the Large Bore Spectral Scanner, which makes use of SMI – Spectral Molecular Imaging – to allow for X-Ray scans to be produced in color and with enhanced depth. The machine allows you to observe rotating images and will therefore, potentially, allow practitioners to look at potential internal problems in greater detail than ever before.

Scientists release world’s first full-colour 3d x-rays

One of the huge benefits in creating full color X-Rays lies in the fact that it will now be easier than ever to distinguish between certain bodily tissues and elements, and it will also allow researchers and medical experts to easier distinguish between healthy and non-healthy tissue. CT scans can only tell you so much – while those in the know will be able to tell the difference between different bones and tissues, color versions will enable for easier distinguishing and therefore potentially quicker diagnosis. If and when the hardware is released commercially, it could be a game-changer.

“It gives you a lot more information, and that’s very useful for medical imaging,” MARS CEO Phil Butler states. “It enables you to do a lot of diagnosis you can’t do otherwise. When you have a black-and-white camera photographing a tree with its leaves, you can’t tell whether the leaves are healthy or not. But if you’ve got a color camera, you can see whether they’re healthy leaves or diseased.”

It’s thought that this technology has taken around ten years to develop and bring into action – though it’s not yet clear as to when the machine will be widely available for the medical world to benefit from. Keep your eyes peeled for the future!


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