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Credit: Pressat- Published on July 31, 2020
Friday 31 July, 2020Fuelled by the negative attention surrounding the Bayer/Monsanto Round-up litigation, disruptive and irreversible changes have taken place in the control of weeds and vegetation across America.

Striking the right balance between costs and benefits, and public health and environmental quality has long been the goal of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) across North America’s cities, colleges, universities and schools. In recent times, tools like traditional chemical herbicides, once deemed to be environmentally and economically sound, have been strongly challenged by changes in public demand and ongoing litigation and legislation. As a result, the landscape for traditional chemical herbicides has irreversibly changed, and the use of uncontroversial alternatives is no longer an option, it is mandatory. The problem – until now – has been a lack of effective alternative technology, as most herbicide alternatives were ineffective, slow and expensive.

That’s all changing with the use of Foamstream - technology that is reshaping the face of landscape management across America.

Answering these complex challenges, Foamstream is an incredibly user-friendly thermal technology that can be used for weed, deep cleaning and virus control.

So how does it work?

The Foamstream process is applied via a range of machines developed for the municipal sector. Foamstream systems can be used on a range of vehicles including UTVs, pick-ups and trucks.

Gone are the days of being able to work only when it’s dry and sunny. Put away the hazmat suits and warning signs. Foamstream changes everything: it’s safe, convenient and highly effective.

Foamstream is an ecologically safe, simple, patented process that kills unwanted vegetation using heat delivered by near-boiling water insulated by a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. It’s so safe it’s approved for organic food production. The foam optimises the process by providing an insulating blanket over the hot water covering the plant, maintaining the heat in the desired kill zone for longer than any alternative thermal method. With weeds, the thermal energy is transferred from the heat in the water into the weed from leaf to root, causing the plant to die back while sterilising any surrounding seeds and spores.

The process is safe around people, animals, water and delicate environments so there’s no need to keep areas closed during or after treatment. There’s no ongoing operator certification, training or specialist PPE requirement and Foamstream’s ultra-high efficacy means fewer treatments are required throughout the year, making it more cost-effective and needing less labor. It’s green, easy for operators to use, and they love using it.

Foamstream and coronavirus

Foamstream was proven in 2019 to be highly effective in controlling Hep-C. However, more recently, in July 2020, Foamstream has been proven to be highly effective at controlling coronavirus. Independent lab results show Foamstream to be one of the fastest acting and most efficient options for virus control in outdoor spaces – it kills 99.99% of coronavirus cells within 10 seconds. This makes it a safe and fast way to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (and other viruses) in areas of human contact such as parks, schools, universities, camping sites and city centres. Furthermore, it does it in an environmentally safe manner.

Foamstream is a proven globally adopted technology. It’s no wonder it’s already being used by North American municipal customers like New York City Parks, the Cities of Miami, Santa Monica, Seattle and Montgomery County Parks. Schools and universities championing the process include the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Los Altos USD, Minisink Valley Central School District, Port Jefferson School District and Coastal USD. They, along with many leading landscapers are reaping unprecedented benefits delivered by Foamstream’s lowest-cost operation, high speed and all-weather nature, that can be used on all surfaces and without the need to post a warning for passers-by.

“We are very excited to start using more sustainable methods for effectively controlling weeds on our campus. The move away from synthetic herbicides will continue to make the campus look great but also provide peace of mind for students, employees and visitors who prefer a more natural approach to weed control.” –UW-Stout Sustainability Manager Sarah Rykal.

More than just an IPM, Foamstream is multi-purpose, providing weed and moss control, deep cleaning and sanitisation capabilities, and is now proven to reduce the transmission of coronavirus, Hep-C, Norovirus and many more. Tier-1 distributors such as Toro and John Deere are responsible for sales and service support in the North American market. This ensures end-user support is delivered at world-class levels.

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