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Credit: GlobeNewswire- Published on July 16, 2019
Orlando, Fl, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Written by Dennis Lewis and published by Green Light Digital, Behold the Cryptopreneurs has cryptocurrency scammers up in arms. Lewis throws light on shady ICO promotions, market manipulators, and shysters in his new book, and proposes a new era of blockchain entrepreneurship focused toward delivering on the promises that have eluded innovators in the industry.

โ€œItโ€™s time for the cheats to relinquish their hold on the blockchain industry,โ€ explains Lewis. โ€œIn order for our industry to achieve its true potential, itโ€™s time we start solving real world problems for real people. Thatโ€™s what cryptopreneurship is all about.โ€

In just over 130 pages, Behold the Cryptopreneurs, outlines a whole new paradigm of how to thrive in the blockchain revolution without feeling slimy. Instead of building projects that only interest hardcore engineers, the book explains that the future of the industry depends on a new breed of entrepreneurs who understand business, marketing and above all else customer needs.

With chapters such as The Post-Apocalyptic Garbage Heap, Donโ€™t be a Cancerous Rot! and Token Economics 101, Lewis analyzes the principle obstacles that are causing far too many cryptocurrency projects to fail. He also provides an in-depth overview of how to avoid these obstacles to build successful blockchain projects.

Finally, the book presents a whole new paradigm for blockchain fundraising called the Distributed ICO. โ€œScammers really hate this idea,โ€ explains Lewis. โ€œHowever, serious blockchain projects that truly plan on delivering what they promise are falling in love with this smart contract innovation. Not only does it make fundraising simple, it perfectly aligns with the interests of project founders and their token investors.โ€

Behold the Cryptopreneurs can be found on Amazon in both electronic format as well as in print.

*About the Author*
*Dennis Lewis *is a seasoned digital storyteller and blockchain marketing specialist with a proven track record in both Europe and the United States. He has successfully lead to market and exited multiple startup companies, and prides himself on his ability to make complex projects easy to understand and relatable. In a marketing landscape increasingly obsessed with shiny objects and overly complicated sales funnels, Dennis knows that the key to any successful marketing campaign are the words on the page. For more information visit
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