Artemis Women Powered Music Announces Official Selections for the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival 2019

Credit: PRWeb- Published on April 17, 2019
Music finalists from the US and Abroad are announced for the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival 2019 and Bella Composers hosts a panel discussion with Kaylene Peoples, Kiki Ebsen, Cas Spencer, and Starr Parodi, moderated by Sheryl Aronson; Artemis announces ActorsGuru, THE SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS, and Matt Chassin as sponsors.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (PRWEB) April 17, 2019

Artemis Women Powered Music, sponsored by Bella Composers, is proud to announce Official Selections for the 2019 Artemis Women In Action Film Festival (AWIAFF). With an overwhelming response to the groundbreaking women’s music festival, composers, female artists, and singer/songwriters submitted content from around the world and represented a wealth of underserved talent, exhibiting outrageously capable skill sets, ranging from the highest of production values to complex orchestral arrangements, performed by world class orchestras, chamber ensembles, and instrumentalists. The song submissions were surprisingly radio-ready with powerful lyrics, gorgeous vocals and arrangements, and solidly award-worthy. Entries stretched worldwide, and as diverse as one could imagine, it was a difficult selection process.

“For the first festival of its kind, we expected a range of music but our judges had no idea it would be so difficult to choose the finalists. It almost seemed cruel to eliminate so many women who were stunningly talented and so capable. We hope they will continue to pursue their goals as composers and musical artists. The judges were blown away by their professionalism and musicianship. Sadly, there were only a limited number of spots for potential finalists. To be among those chosen is indeed an incredible feat and we commend them.” –Kaylene Peoples, Bella Composers Founder

Categories include Domestic and Foreign Best Score, Best Composition, Best Artist, and Best Theme Song. The Score and Composition categories had steep requirements with qualifiers that included professionally recorded music accompanied by a matching written score. Artemis composers submitted traditional chamber pieces, Movements from their original symphonies, structured choral song cycles and electronic music. Film composers submitted cues and and/or compositions written specifically for a movie. Best Artist was determined by commercial viability, production quality, lyrical content, vocal performance, and “radio-ready” masters. The Best Theme Song category had similar criteria of Best Artist but had to be used in or written for a film.

Here is the list of finalists for the Artemis Women Powered Music competition:

Marcia Morgan for “Journey to the Land of Love”
Elizma Haze for “Magical”
Jass Bianchi for “One of the Boys”
Efrat Alony for “Hear Me.”
Amy Tilson-Lumetta for “Leave Us Here”
Theme Songs
"Chandelier" Janet Devlin
“Into Design” by Futurekind
“Shots Fired” by Piper Madison
“This Is Our Time” by Debra Gussin

“Shooting Stars” by Shoshana Michel
“Charlotte Salomon: Der Tod und die Malerin” (Death and the Painter) by Michelle DiBucci
“Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase” Cues by Sherri Chung
“The Borrowed Dress” by Suad Bushnaq
“Film Music Selection 2019” by Tatiana Mikova
“Romance” by Penny Corris
FIRESTORM SYMPHONY III - “All the Trees Are Growing” by Margaret Brandman
KNOT MOV’T IV "Reborn" by Ssu-Yu Huang
“Danza Imposible” by Marta Sanchez
“Into the Night” by Gabrielle Helfer
“The Transit of Venus” by Nancy Bloomer Deussen
“In a Winter Landscape” by Madelyn Byrne

Women Powered Music Panel by Bella Composers – A 90-Minute Panel Discussion

“Women composers are everywhere” is the Bella Composers tagline. Film composers, women-led bands, and female recording artists have been underserved in the music and entertainment industry from inception. Does this mean that women-powered music hasn’t made an impact on their fans? Absolutely not. There is no discrepancy in talent or lack of training. The exclusion remains simply in opportunity, exposure, and pay. The Women Powered Music Panel by Bella Composers will discuss the state of music with the intent to offer solutions and a clear direction on how to navigate the murky waters of gender inequality in music. On panel is Bella Composers founder Kaylene Peoples, recording artist Kiki Ebsen, Whitebear PR publicist Cas Spencer, and composer and Alliance for Women Composer President Starr Parodi. The Panel will be moderated by author/entertainment journalist Sheryl Aronson.

“I think being a female composer is just like being a male composer! The only thing we need is more visibility. I would never want to be hired on a project just because I’m a woman. I want to be hired because I’m damn good at what I do. I am happy there are initiatives and festivals like Artemis that bring us this visibility so that the rest of the world is aware of our stellar work!”
–Artemis Music Finalist Suad Bushnaq

The Competition Awards will be held on Friday, April 26, 2019, at 6:00PM and the Artemis Women Powered Music by Bella Composers Panel will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at noon at the Laemmle Santa Monica, located at 1332 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Visit the Artemis website for screenings and all festival events.

The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival is happy to announce the following sponsors: Festival sponsor ActorsGuru; media sponsor THE SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS; and Matt Chassin of Matt’s Marketing, providing prize consultations for winning filmmakers. They join sponsors AGENDA, Bella Composers, Habibi Sport, Final Draft, Action Factory, and others.


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THE SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS is the city's leading source of news and information, providing independent reporting on all things that are essential to a functioning, modern democracy. “Local journalism matters and we are proud to be the media sponsor of the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for event updates and more.”

Matt Chassin is a Publicist, Producer and Talent Manager. He is president and CEO of Matt’s Marketing, Public Relations and Management Services. With over 30 years of marketing experience, Matt knows what it takes for films to be successful. Matt is the publicist and a producer on over 25 films including the "Krampus: The Christmas Devil" films, as well as other award winners such as "Virus X" and "Seeking Valentina." Matt’s keen insights have helped more than 95 percent of the films he has been involved with to be awarded world-wide distribution deals, including output deals with companies like Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, and Sony.

Created by Kaylene Peoples, an award-winner singer/instrumentalist, composer/arranger and conductor, Bella Composers was created to offer women composers new opportunities, self-expression, empowerment, and employment in the world of classical, neoclassical, and other traditional musical genres by showcasing their music through live performance.

ABOUT Artemis Women In Action Film Festival: Artemis Women In Action Film Festival was founded by Melanie Wise and Zac Baldwin, two filmmakers with a long time love of female-driven action films. Wise and Baldwin have produced shorts and features, focusing on female action projects. They saw that the genre was loved by audiences around the world, despite the fact that studios for many years claimed female action films were box office poison. In 2014, the idea of Artemis was born with the intent to create a space where these types of films could play for audiences with an unsatisfied hunger of female-driven action films. And for the Fifth Edition, Artemis is proud to include female-powered music.

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