Unlike Vegans, DEMIES can still enjoy a traditional turkey Christmas dinner.

Credit: Pressat- Published on December 18, 2018
Tuesday 18 December, 2018Unlike
Vegans or Vegetarians, DEMIES can eat turkey – as it’s only animal mammals that
they prefer not to eat - so they can enjoy a traditional turket Christmas dinner, although pigs in blankets are off the menu for them.

DEMIES are people who don't want to eat animals for ethical,
health or environmental reasons, but find it just too difficult to become a
vegan or vegetarian. Animal mammals are the same as us, in so such as they give birth to babies and ween
them on their own milk - so that's good ethical reason not to eat them - there's also climate change and heath issues. Although DEMIES don’t eat animal mammals, they eat all
other types of foods. Including: fruit and vegetables; poultry and fish; eggs
and diary; grains, nuts, and pulses. So when one thinks of all the different meals one can have, including a traditional turkey dinner, it’s easy to understand that it’s no real sacrifice to become a DEMY.

Other reasons not to eat animals include the recent Government's advisory ‘Committee on Climate Change’
report recommending the number of sheep and cattle in the UK should be reduced by between a
fifth and a half to help combat climate change. Coupled with the NHS Eatwell
guidelines on healthy eating, which proposes a reduction in consumption of 89%
for beef and 63% for lamb, and a 20% decline in dairy products - there is no better time to reconsider our position
on eating animal mammals.

The DEMIES organisation, is a
not-for-profit organisation created to promote not eating animal mammals.

Organisation’s website has a video: ‘DEMIES don’t Eat Mammals’ which explains
why it is no real sacrifice becoming a DEMY.

video can be seen at www.demies.org
and YouTube: https://youtu.be/187rw_bTsws

more information about The DEMIES Organisation.

Bob on 07396 517022.

* For more information regarding media usage, ownership and rights please contact The DEMIES Organisation.

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