Facebook will give you 10 minutes to unsend that embarrassing message

Credit: Mashable- Published on November 7, 2018
You can finally take back your ill-conceived messages on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger will soon roll out an unsend feature, which will give users a grand total of ten minutes to unsend a message, wiping it from your chat history. This will remove the message from the recipient's inbox as well.ย 

Facebook announced the...

Credit: Wochit
Published on November 8, 2018 -  00:33
Facebook Messenger To Allow You To Delete Messages
Ever sent something you wished you hadnโ€™t on Facebook Messenger? Whether itโ€™s an embarrassing message or an even more embarrassing photo, youโ€™ll soon have up to 10 minutes in which to erase it from the internet forever. While itโ€™s true that you can already delete messages from Messenger, they only disappear from your own device and not from those who receive it. Digital trends reports The update that will allow you to remove a message from your Messenger chats is โ€œcoming soon,โ€ Facebook said this week.

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