New Study Says Global Attention Span Is Decreasing

Credit: WorldNews- Published on April 16, 2019
A study published on Monday in the scientific journal Nature Communications details how the collective global attention span has narrowed due to the immense amount of information currently available to the public, according to The Guardian. The team of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark wrote how their study...

Credit: Wibbitz Studio
Published on April 15, 2019 -  01:38
1 in 5 Global Deaths Are Linked to Poor Diet
1 in 5 Global Deaths Are Linked to Poor Diet A recent study published in the β€˜The Lancet’ found that dietary risk factors in 2017 were linked to 11 million deaths worldwide. The study spanned across 195 countries and tracked 15 different dietary elements. A reported 10 million deaths were due to cardiovascular disease, 913,000 were due to cancer, and Type 2 diabetes accounted for 339,000 deaths. The study found that more deaths were caused by a lack of whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds, rather than the high intake of foods containing trans fats, sugar, and processed meat. This means that while there is a correlation between unhealthy food and a person's health, the bigger issue comes from people not consuming the essential foods their bodies need to function. On average, the world ate only 12% of the recommended amount of nuts and seeds. In addition, global diets also included only 16% of the recommended milk intake and 23% of the recommended amount of whole grains. Some countries did have optimal intakes in certain categories, such as the intake of vegetables in central Asia. No region ate the optimal amount of all 15 dietary elements.

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