Could Harvey Weinstein Make a Comeback? Never Say Never, Says Ridley Scott

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on January 12, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Legal proceedings are yet to begin with regard to allegations made regarding former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s conduct with rising stars behind the scenes – though the emergence of many well-known Hollywood professionals coming forward to speak out against his alleged actions in late 2017 resulted in one of the most tumultuous falls from grace in recent history. Weinstein, a noted producer and one of the biggest names in Tinseltown behind the scenes, found himself cast out of both the limelight and his lucrative position as scandals continued to roll out. It’s safe to say, perhaps, that Weinstein’s place in Hollywood is all but decided upon – though, of course, legal proceedings are yet to be carried out – and one of film’s most accomplished directors believes we haven’t seen the last of Weinstein working in the business.

Scott has recently been interviewed regarding his work on the movie All The Money In The World, which has of course received press as a result of Christopher Plummer being drafted in to re-shoot all of Kevin Spacey’s scenes (already filmed) in just nine days. Plummer’s hiring of course came following scandal regarding Spacey’s own alleged sexual conduct, initially brought to light through claims made by actor Anthony Rapp, who stated Spacey had approached him in such a manner when he was a minor. Spacey’s star has since faded considerably as a result of accusations – in a period of what appeared to be big change for hidden voices in Hollywood.

Scott’s views on Weinstein were discussed – as it emerged that the director wasn’t entirely sure whether or not the recent scandals necessarily meant the end for the former mogul on the film-making front. “Never say never, I’ve no idea,” stated Scott, when asked about whether or not Weinstein would be back in Hollywood. “I’m sure Harvey will already have a go within a year.” Whether or not those affected by his alleged actions would agree remains, of course, to be seen.

The director continued, before discussing removing Spacey from his latest movie. “What’s this thing about forgiveness? Do we ever talk about forgiveness? Or is forgiveness out of that question? I don’t know. (…) Do you learn what is unforgivable, when a guy can rape and kill and get out after five years? I don’t understand the law at that level.”

Watch: A Timeline of 2017 Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Investigations into Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct with women across several years continue to unfold – and in the meantime, many people in the business remain empowered by movements to step forward and speak out in recent months. There’s a reason TIME named their Person of The Year 2017 as ‘The Silence Breakers’ – and such breaking may well continue.


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