The Trailer For The New Animated 'Peter Rabbit' Lands.. And Feelings Are Mixed

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on September 27, 2017
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Another kids' classic wrecked forever?

Adaptations of well-loved children’s properties are hardly anything new. Where would we be without Disney recreating the beloved Winnie the Pooh stories for the big screen? It’s something that has been put to modern success thanks to the likes of Paddington – adapted from Michael Bond’s much-loved stories – which is to see a sequel hit cinemas in the weeks to come. However, it’s not always a formula which is guaranteed to work. Not everyone has the luxury of a Ben Whishaw-voiced bear in a duffel coat to lead the way – and it seems that an emerging reboot of a beloved children’s character has got a few critics – and potential moviegoers – a little concerned.

Peter Rabbit is perhaps the best-known creation of Beatrix Potter, who was of course responsible for writing some of the UK’s best-loved children’s literature – both endearing and non-nonsense in equal measure – and, according to a trailer which dropped over the weekend, it seems that it’s the latest movie to get the Hollywood remake treatment. This isn’t all bad news – however, many who have viewed the preview of the upcoming film, due to hit theaters next year, are somewhat concerned about what’s about to land.

Peter Rabbit - Official Trailer (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Peter Rabbit has always been portrayed as something of a mischievous sort – stealing crops from next door’s allotment – but this latest adaptation of the character seems to have a bit of an attitude that smacks of a rather current trend. This new Peter is wisecracking and, apparently, unafraid to pull a few dance moves – as he and his friends celebrate gate-crashing a human’s abode – and, more to the point, he is voiced by James Corden. Corden is perhaps one of the most employed voice actors in Hollywood right now, having lent his talents to the likes of last year’s Trolls and – a fact he may well try and forget in years to come – The Emoji Movie. Are the detractors simply sick of Corden – or are they worried about maintaining the sanctity of the source material?

Regardless – the new Peter Rabbit movie appears to be levelled as a fun new take on the age-old story – and it will remain to be seen whether or not the picture has the poise and the wit to silence critics who have popped up even upon the launch of the trailer. Keep your eyes on our Movie Reviews section for more tasty details in 2018!


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