Spider-Man Spinoff Lands A Huge Leading Star - But Who Is It?

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on May 20, 2017
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Fans of Spider-Man will likely be looking forward to the web slinger’s first solo movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to hit our screens this summer – as Tom Holland takes over from Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, it appears that there is a separate project gaining momentum which focuses on an entirely separate character from Spidey’s world – Venom, a vicious deformation of Eddie Brock, Parker’s one-time rival – and it is currently in production under the watchful eyes at Sony. Not much about the project is known at present other than that it will stand completely alone from other Marvel movies, and that it is, at present, tentatively being referred to as ‘Venom’. It’s set to be a big deal for comic book fans as it could be the first movie released based entirely around a villain in the comic universe – meaning that we could be set to see a different story of sorts from a villain’s perspective.

The project, therefore, has been gaining something of a following despite very little currently being out there in the ether. This week, however, news emerged regarding casting which has gone down rather well on social media and elsewhere – as it appears that Brock, aka Venom, will be portrayed by none other than Bane himself – Tom Hardy.

Hardy has become something of a Hollywood A-lister after a steady rise across several acclaimed performances and movies, not least the critically lauded Mad Max: Fury Road. The British actor may have been cropping up more on UK TV reading bedtime stories for kids in recent months, but the star has been earmarked for a number of colossal projects in recent history. He’s constantly at the head of the pack for people placing bets on who will be the next James Bond – and the announcement that he will be playing the nightmarish Venom has gone down very well with comic book fans and followers of the actor.

What else do we know about Venom? Not much – it’s not clear whether or not he will interact with Spidey in the movie, nor if we will get to see an origin story. Could it be an attempt to bring a more adult slant on a villain or anti-hero to the big screen off the back of Deadpool’s colossal success? Let’s wait and see.


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