Game Of Thrones Spinoffs Are Coming - And There's Some Big Writers On Board

May 12, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

It’s been rumored for some time now, but George RR Martin’s world of Westeros may well be getting the prequel treatment – in more ways than just one. According to IGN, HBO – responsible for bringing Game of Thrones to US audiences – have signed off on plans for several screenwriters to start exploring spinoff potential for prequels set in the same universe. Certainly, it’s a fictional universe absolutely rich in history and intrigue – and it’s clear that the network wants to tap into this with just two seasons left on the slate for the often brutal world laid bare to us on a weekly basis.

Martin is thought to be pairing up with some of the screenwriters chosen for the projects, and many of them are already responsible for bringing big movies and TV franchises to our screens. Martin is thought to be working with both Mad Men’s Carly Wray and Kingsman’s Jane Goldman, while LA Confidential’s Brian Helgeland and Kong: Skull Island’s Max Borenstein will be looking into alternative opportunities. The news will no doubt set tongues wagging – and with current GoT showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff on board to executive produce with Martin, it’s highly likely the new projects, if any, will tie in with the aesthetic and lore of the existing show.

What stories and worlds could be picked up for us to learn more about? Could we be taken centuries into the past? Will we see the saga of the Mad King with our own eyes at last? Will we be taken back into eons gone by when dragons roamed the land? It’s hard to say – but with George RR Martin on board with a number of the writers, it’s highly likely that any ideas that come to fruition will sew in perfectly with the lore set by both the TV series and his books in the A Song of Ice and Fire legacy.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its landmark seventh season this July, with a shorter seven episodes to its run and with just one more set of episodes left to air next year. Who will ascend the iron throne once all is said and done? Daenerys Targaryen? Jon Snow? Gendry? We, like millions of others, will have to wait and see – but new episodes really are just around the corner.


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