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The Mueller report was published with an uncertain conclusion.
11 hours ago • Jerusalem Post


Mueller Report

Another similarity between the Trump and Netanyahu probes is that Mueller, like Israeli Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit, resolved many open issues in favor..
11 hours ago • Jerusalem Post


The road from idolatrous paganism to monotheistic faith had to be winding, because it is essential for us to understand that the Jewish faith is not only about..
2 hours ago • Jerusalem Post

Ivanka Trump

Trump converted to Judaism before her marriage to Jared Kushner in 2009. Both Trump and Kushner currently serve as White House senior advisers.
6 hours ago • Jerusalem Post

For You

Let's talk about the five visa you always hear about.
13 hours ago • Khaleej Times

Jet Airways

Airline employees had gathered to voice their concerns and appeal to the government to intervene for revival of the company.
5 hours ago • Khaleej Times


There are scores of cases of people with duplicate and even triplicate coverage but despite tighter rules, agents often have a conflict of interest in selling..
14 hours ago • Haaretz


366,016 votes went to parties that did not pass the electoral threshold, amounting to 8.49 percent of all valid votes
19 hours ago • Haaretz

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