Cold War

Geopolitical tension after World War II between the Eastern and Western Bloc

Cold War (Under CC License)

The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union with its satellite states, and the United States with its allies after World War II. The historiography of the conflict began between 1946 and 1947. The Cold War began to de-escalate after the Revolutions of 1989. The collapse of the USSR in 1991 was the end of the Cold War. The term "cold" is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, but they each supported major regional conflicts known as proxy wars. The conflict split the temporary wartime alliance against Nazi Germany and its allies, leaving the USSR and the US as two superpowers with profound economic and political differences.

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Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who became the first person to walk in space in 1965, has died at the age of 85. In 1975, Leonov was commander of the Russian..
Credit: CBS News - Published 1 week ago

The Russian cosmonaut’s thrilling feat in 1965 nearly cost him his life, but raised Soviet prestige during the Cold War space race against the United States.
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