Scientists Have Now Measured The Furthest Part of Milky Way So Far

Wochit Headline News - Friday, 13 October 2017  (4 days ago)
This might come as a surprise, but no one really knows what our own galaxy looks like. We can only see it from our lonely point in space, and we canโ€™t leave it to get a picture from up above. Scientists want to change thatโ€”and theyโ€™re getting closer. A team of researchers in the United States and Germany are now reporting the deepest look into our Milky Way yet: around 20.4 kiloparsecs, over 60 thousand light years. The galactic center scatters incoming visible light, so the researchers used special radio telescopes in order to spot their source. The newest research is part of a larger effort to map our home turf.

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