Ariel Winter Continues Defending Her Wardrobe Choices

Splash News TV - July 17, 2017

Ariel Winter is on summer break from Modern Family, so defending her outfits has become her full time job.

This picture of her in daisy dukes apparently caused some commenters react, and now Ariel is once again responding...

She says, "I am not a whore because I wear shorts and tank tops...

I am a normal girl, also I'm not 'squeezing' into anything.

" According to the New York Post's Page Six, this is hardly the first time Ariel's outfit choices have raised eyebrows and ignited a reaction from the TV star.

She tweeted, "pretty annoyed about the focus on the fact that I wear shorts and the commentary that I'm 'squeezing' into them or the idea that it's not ok for me to wear shorts... it's SUMMER... get over it.

" She'll always be Winter, but it's too hot out to cover up. .


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