Blake Shelton Reacts to Gwen Stefani's Empire State Building Display

Splash News - Friday, 21 April 2017
Hey, don’t try to one-up Blake Shelton… Cowboy don’t play that, especially when it comes to his girl Gwen Stefani. Blake shared this via Twitter, saying “Ok… To whomever put my girlfriends picture on the Empire State Building, thanks a lot… How can I top that shit?” Which is just hilarious… It’s true, Blake Shelton can probably afford to take Gwen anywhere and buy her just about anything she could ever want, but getting her face lit up on one of the world’s most famous buildings on the planet is pretty much impossible to beat. Really, what’s Blake going to do? Perhaps he can attempt to mow a picture of her face into the fields on his ranch in Oklahoma, but, it’ll never be as vibrant or visible as her picture on the side of the Empire State Building. That’s ok Blake, you know what? We think you topped it with that Tweet, because no building display has your sense of humor.

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