British Prime Minister Says 'No Turning Back From Brexit'

The Street - Tuesday, 18 April 2017  (1 week ago)
British Prime Minister Theresa May is calling for a 'snap' or general election on June 8th. An election could give her conservative party a tighter grip on power. 2/3 of the House of Commons must approve it before the election moves forward. May says an election is needed to follow through with 'Brexit', which was approved by British voters last summer. President Donald Trump is expected to sign a new 'buy American, hire American' executive order today. It will clamp down on guest worker visas and require agencies to buy more goods and services from U.S. companies and workers. He will sign the order at the Snap-on plant in Wisconsin. Health insurer UnitedHealth saw its revenue rise almost 10% and a profit increase of 32%. The company says its pharmacy benefit management business was a bright spot.

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