'Snow' Big Deal as Commuters Join Forces to Move Stuck Buses

StoryfulViral - Tuesday, 21 March 2017  (1 week ago)
The actor and director Malik Bouabid spent his Monday night helping buses get unstuck from a snow covered central Montreal bus station, after over 30 centimeters of snow fell on the city. In a video shared to Bouabidโ€™s Facebook page on March 15, Bouabid and numerous other commuters struggle to help free two buses from the snow outside Cรดte-Vertu bus station in Montreal. Speaking to CBC News, Bouabid said it took 20 volunteers pushing for over 45 minutes to help move the second bus. โ€œYour typical gym day in Montreal, Pushing a tone bus. Typical. POWER TO THE PEOPLE,โ€ he wrote on Facebook. His video of the incident received 97,000 views and 1,431 shares at the time of writing. Credit: Malik Bouabid via Storyful

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