Obamacare days 'numbered' after US Republicans take first step to 'repeal and replace'

euronews (in English) - January 14, 2017

US Republicans have taken a major step towards dismantling the outgoing president’s signature Affordable Healthcare Act, known as Obamacare, passing a measure to roll back the programme which gave health coverage to 20 million people.

Speaker of US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan welcomed the vote saying it was a ‘rescue mission’.

“This provides Congress with the legislative tools we need to repeal and replace Obamacare.

This is a critical first step toward delivering relief to Americans who are struggling under this law. (...

) Our goal is a truly patient centered-system which means more options to choose from, lower cost, and greater control over your coverage.

” “The Republicans will tell you that yes, they’ll give you something better. But, they’ve been saying this for 8 years.

They have been after what is known as Obamacare for 8 years- why don`t they have a remedy.

Why don’t they have a plan, why don’t they have anything.

They didn’t have anything when they started to attack Obamacare.

They don’t have anything today,” said Maxine Waters, Democrat Representative for California.

It comes after the outgoing Democrat administration announced a record number signed up for Obamacare, with the highest take up in states won by Trump.

The president-elect has promised to repeal and replace the program, but that may prove easier said than done without a plan in place. .


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