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A week after U.S. President Donald Trump said he was close to picking a new FBI director to replace the one he fired, the White House has decided to renew its..
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During a CNN panel on news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose his contacts with Russians on his security clearance forms, commentator Jason..
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The Trumps and some White House officials met with Pope Francis on Wednesday, but one figure was notably missing: Sean Spicer. And apparently, he's pretty upset..
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose two meetings with Russia’s ambassador to the United States on an application for a security clearance, CNN..
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Even as terrorists grow more brazen, now even striking arenas packed with teenage music fans, improvements in counterterrorism technology and government..
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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Those of us who have exited The Matrix are concerned that there are* no checks on Washington’s use of nuclear..
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As her reality TV star husband meets many of his Western allies for the first time as U. S. president on Thursday, Melania Trump will be offered a different take..
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A week after U. S. President Donald Trump said he was close to picking a new FBI director to replace the one he fired, the White House has decided to renew its..
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According to BuzzFeed News, the reception manager at President Donald Trump’s “Winter White House” of Mar-A-Lago is working logistics on the European leg..
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President Trump spent 30 minutes with Pope Francis at the Vatican Wednesday. The White House said they discussed terrorism, human rights and religious freedom...
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The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their long-awaited report on the recently-passed House health care bill Wednesday, and members of..
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Turns out President Donald Trump’s taste in art is just about as refined as his taste in suits.

During Wednesday’s visit to the Vatican, 45..
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As part of Wednesday's late day bombshell dump, the Washington Post has revealed that former FBI Director James Comey’s decision to unilaterally announce the..
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Made in America, Harley-Davidson, Trump said to the company’s leather-clad top executives in February as five of its motorcycles rumbled on the White House..
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White House press secretary Sean Spicer did not attend President Donald Trump's meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday, but his absence was not..
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Watch VideoThe latest version of the GOP's American Health Care Act has been reviewed by the Congressional Budget Office.

By now, the CBO has scored..
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The White House budget director has defended unrealistic growth assumptions in President Trump's budget. That is, until a fellow conservative and deficit hawk..
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President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis for the first time on Wednesday, and, as customary for visits between dignitaries, the two men exchanged..
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Watch VideoDoes President Trump's budget cut funding to Medicaid? The White House says no, but some estimate the program's funding will be cut by as much as $1.4..
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