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In an otherwise quiet session, Sunday's convincing election victory for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition, which gave it another..
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Tony Podesta and his lobbying firm the Podesta Group are under federal investigation by FBI Special..
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White House lawyer Ty Cobb, a veteran of multiple special prosecutor investigations, helped coach the president on what not to say as Mueller ramps up his probe.
2 hours ago • Politico

The president once again got sidetracked and mired in a controversy of his own creation for a week. He has a chance to move on this week to more pressing things..
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President Trump plans to tackle taxes and the opioid crisis this week. And, former Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl will be sentenced after pleading guilty to..
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Highlights of this day in history: Suicide blast kills U.S. Marines and sailors in Lebanon; Students in Hungary spark Cold War revolt; President Richard Nixon..
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COMMENTFew stories are more irresistible than those that take on the conventional wisdom and come from an unexpected source.Doug Sosnik, a smart operative in..
7 hours ago • New Zealand Herald
President Donald Trump is siding with Republican Senate incumbents in key re-election races, potentially putting him on a collision course with Steve Bannon, the..
7 hours ago • Wall Street Journal

More Petraeus on WH's claim that it's "inappropriate" to debate a general: "We in uniform protect the rights of others to criticize us frankly."..
7 hours ago • WorldNews
President Donald Trump has apparently appointed Joseph Simons and Rohit Chopra to run the Antitrust Division at the Federal Trade Commission..
8 hours ago • Eurasia Review

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KOZL - 9 hours ago  ▶ 

The White House is still being questioned about condolence calls to families of fallen soldiers.
9 hours ago • cbs4.com

From the first moment chemical weapons were used on the Syrian battlefield, the American public was led to believe that only one side could possibly be..
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In her short time as first lady, Melania Trump has given the White House a shake-up.A Fox News analysis of White House personnel showed that the first lady has..
10 hours ago • New Zealand Herald
Gold Star father Khizr Khan took issue Sunday with White House Chief of Staff Retired Gen. John Kelly, saying he should have refrained from disrespecting..
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By Ghazanfar Ali Khan

US Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin will embark on a four-nation trip to the Middle East including Saudi Arabia on Wednesday..
11 hours ago • Eurasia Review

Thanks to the POTUS the politics in the USA is heating up once again.

Twelve days after four Americans were killed on Oct. 4 in an ambush in Niger,..
11 hours ago • Eurasia Review

The White House on Sunday slammed what it called “outrageous and slanderous” comments from Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who had proclaimed earlier in the..
12 hours ago • FOXNews.com

The two don't like each other, but would Mark Cuban actually go up against Donald Trump for a shot at the White House?! The Dallas Mavericks owner and former..
12 hours ago • Perez Hilton

Ivanka Trump will visit Bucks County Monday to press for President Trump's tax plan, the White House's top legislative priority. The stop will allow give the..
12 hours ago • philly.com

The top U.S. Senate Republican and the White House budget director said on Sunday they hoped for action on a Republican tax reform package by the end of…
13 hours ago • Japan Today

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida congresswoman is asking White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to apologize for making false claims about her while defending..
14 hours ago • Seattle Times

In 1938, Franklin Roosevelt’s bid to purge Democrats who opposed him backfired. Are there lessons as Mr. Bannon takes on dissident Republicans?
15 hours ago • NYTimes.com

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