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Apple and Foxconn have a well-documented history of labor abuses ranging from underpaying employees to compulsory over time that have been blamed for a slew of..
9 hours ago • Zero Hedge
If you ever watched an Apple press event, you certainly know that the first 10 minutes or so are used by the company to brag about its eco-friendly business,..
1 day ago • Softpedia
The encryption debate is heating back up.

Monday, the San Antonio Express-News confirmed that Texas authorities have served Apple with a search..
2 days ago • Mashable

Authored by Mark St.Cyr,

*To say that we are living through precarious times seems to be an understatement*. Whether one lives in the so moniker’d..
2 days ago • Zero Hedge
· *Advances in machine learning now mean that doctors can take a photo and identify the disease or condition depicted.*
· *Apple is a fan of one specific..
3 days ago • Business Insider

· *Apple had shown a growing tendency to delay or make vague promises about when it will deliver new products.
· *The latest example is with its..
4 days ago • Business Insider
The iPhone X is the most expensive mobile phone on the market. It is a fact that consumers have largely gotten used to, and many early buyers now acquiesce that..
5 days ago • Business Insider
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not an avid Twitter user, but every once in a while he uses the social network to quickly share some messages on topics that he finds..
6 days ago • Softpedia
The iPhone X is the biggest reinvention of the iPhone since... well, the iPhone. Apple is hardly shy when it comes to boasting about a new handset – every year..
6 days ago • City A.M.
Apple continued to see strong worldwide sales across its MacBook line-up in the third quarter of 2017, according to new market research conducted by TrendForce...
1 week ago • MacRumours.com

Looks like Tim Cook might have sent this tweet out a little too quickly.

The Apple CEO on Wednesday congratulated Australia on saying "yes" to..
1 week ago • Mashable

Shipping estimates for the iPhone X have improved to 2 to 3 weeks across Europe, suggesting Apple's efforts to ramp up supply and production are starting to see..
1 week ago • MacRumours.com

Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer, a primary assembler of the Apple Watch, has revealed that it is working on an augmented reality product for an..
1 week ago • MacRumours.com

CoachGuitar is the world’s most popular guitar learning app, and has earned more than 15,000 5-star reviews from users in over 140 countries. Apple CEO Tim..
1 week ago • PRWeb

Apple has made no secret of its interest in augmented reality (AR) -- in interviews CEO Tim Cook gives it as much attention as sales growth. Now, it's rumoured..
1 week ago • TUAW

Apple has retaken the lead in the global wearable band market thanks to strong Apple Watch shipments in the third quarter of this year, according to new research..
1 week ago • MacRumours.com

· *LinkedIn employee Mariah Walton realized she was missing CEO Jeff Weiner's visit to the social network's Dublin offices, so she left him a note.*
1 week ago • Business Insider
By Kif Leswing A week before Apple released the iPhone X, its most important new product launch in years, CEO Tim Cook flew hundred of miles away to the middle..
1 week ago • S.China Morning Post

· *Apple stores have become overcrowded in recent years as the company has become more popular and successful.*
· *Technicians called "Geniuses" say..
1 week ago • Business Insider
With fewer major selling points and given a consumer preference for the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects iPhone 8 production to see..
2 weeks ago • MacRumours.com

· *After reporting strong earnings this week, Apple is on its way to becoming a trillion-dollar company.*
· *Much of its success is due to its string of..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider
From the moment Apple chief executive Tim Cook introduced the iPhone X in September, until my testing of the device, I, like many others, was certain that the..
2 weeks ago • S.China Morning Post

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but a couple months ago I theorized that Apple was absolutely working on a heads-up augmented reality display. This week, lo..
2 weeks ago • Macworld

Apple's competitive positioning has improved with this year's iPhone product launches, but that doesn't mean it wasn't selling great products before.
2 weeks ago • Motley Fool

· *In a speech, Sen. Al Franken cast doubts on the big tech companies' ability to police their sites. *
· *At congressional hearings last week looking..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider
Apple will dethrone Samsung as the world's largest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of 2017, on the strength of strong iPhone X demand, according to..
2 weeks ago • MacRumours.com

Last month Apple CEO Tim Cook made headlines when he said there was no technology fully-equipped to create a quality augmented reality (AR) glass. And a month..
2 weeks ago • BGR India

It’s been a year since we first heard murmurs about Apple working on a Google Glass-like AR wearable; Bloomberg now reports that the company might be ready to..
2 weeks ago • The Next Web
Apple today announced that its "Everyone Can Code" initiative is being expanded to more than 20 colleges and universities outside of the United States. RMIT in..
2 weeks ago • MacRumours.com

· *Apple was valued at over $900 billion after markets closed on Wednesday. The next closest company, Google parent Alphabet, is valued at $728..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider

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