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While Pieterse couldn't give us everything we wanted know, she was able to say the couple will get a chance to breathe a little bit before A.D. inevitably..
20 hours ago • SeattlePI.com

The Pretty Little Liars cast talks “A” text messages in this new video given exclusively to JustJaredJr.com. Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse,..
4 days ago • Just Jared Jr
If you read the Pretty Little Liars book, you know that Alison had a twin sister named Courtney…however, so far, Alison doesn’t have a twin at all in the..
1 week ago • Just Jared Jr
The 'Pretty Little Liars' stars also reveal the special reason why A.D. can't tear 'Emison' apart anymore.
1 week ago • Entertainment Tonight

Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell talked just about all things Emison yesterday at the Pretty Little Liars: Made Here event in Los Angeles. The one thing that..
1 week ago • Just Jared Jr
Shay Mitchell shows off her long legs while stepping out at the Pretty Little Liars: Made Here exhibit held at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles. The Pretty..
1 week ago • Just Jared Jr
We all know that Sasha Pieterse and her PLL co-star Ashley Benson are basically twins…however, we’ve actually found another actress who is more Sasha’s..
2 weeks ago • Just Jared Jr
Since the show premiered in 2010, “Pretty Little Liars” has had a problem with statutory rape. Now, as the series winds down, it weirdly seems to be..
2 weeks ago • Huffington Post

If you had to pick out just one episode from Pretty Little Liars that was your favorite, we know you’d have a hard time picking it, because we do too. However,..
3 weeks ago • Just Jared Jr
What virtue must she exhibit for the Liars to deem her worthy of being with the cool crowd? A.D. may be moving pieces around on a board, but the poor hapless..
3 weeks ago • SeattlePI.com

Pretty Little Liars has been capturing our pretty little hearts since its first chilling, fashion-forward, friendship-heavy episode seven years ago. We’re not..
on May 29, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
We know the series finale of Pretty Little Liars will have us all in tears — and it looks like the cast were too! Showrunner I. Marlene King and stars Shay..
on May 27, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Back when Pretty Little Liars first started, we were all shocked to learn just how old Sasha Pieterse really was — even the cast. While promoting his new book,..
on May 13, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) have a serious talk on tonight’s episode Pretty Little Liars. In “Power Play,” Ali’s turn at the game..
on May 9, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
The thing has been rigged with some torturous baby-cry noise that she can't escape, so she calls the girls -- well, everyone except Ali (Sasha Pieterse), who's..
on May 3, 2017 • SeattlePI.com

Even the stars of Pretty Little Liars didn’t realize how big social media would come into play with the series. Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse, Troian..
on May 1, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
The stars of Pretty Little Liars all found out about who “Ultimate A” was in different ways. Here’s how the girls found out, according to their new..
on May 1, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
The Pretty Little Liars cast only have eight more episodes to go until the series is over. The cast — Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian..
on April 27, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
We all know now that Sasha Pieterse originally auditioned for the role of Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars, but we didn’t know the reason why she didn’t..
on April 26, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Never say never when it comes to a Pretty Little Liars film! In fact, showrunner Marlene King said she wants to return to that world “at some point in time,”..
on April 25, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Judging by this photo from tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, things get a little intense. In “These Boots Were Made For Walking,” Emily (Shay..
on April 25, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Alison is currently dealing with a lot on Pretty Little Liars – and not just with her pregnancy. Sasha Pieterse recently opened up about why Alison’s not in..
on April 25, 2017 • Just Jared Jr

Imagine you’ve been working on a show, or at a job for seven full years, and in a moment, it’s all over. That’s exactly what it was like for Pretty Little..
on April 22, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
While we all know that Pretty Little Liars will give us some sort of happy ending, Sasha Pieterse is preparing us for a thriller. “It gets really deadly and..
on April 20, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
The 'PLL' ladies dish on what's in store for Emily and Ali in the final nine episodes of the show.
on April 20, 2017 • Entertainment Tonight

This is the last time we’ll see the cast of Pretty Little Liars at the Upfronts together! Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, and Shay..
on April 19, 2017 • Just Jared
The Pretty Little Liars cast just went to their last upfronts ever and we are not okay! We’re definitely going to miss Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian..
on April 19, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
As you all should definitely know (if you read our website religiously) Pretty Little Liars “Endgame” premiered last night and gave pretty little fans..
on April 19, 2017 • Just Jared Jr
Pretty Little Liars is poised to return Tuesday (April 18) for the final time, airing its last 10 episodes as fans say goodbye to their Rosewood besties after..
on April 18, 2017 • Mashable

The cast of Pretty Little Liars are sad to see the show end, but there’s one good thing about the finale – no more secrets! Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale,..
on April 18, 2017 • Just Jared

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