"Perseid Meteor Shower" News

on August 15, 2017 • RIA Nov.

This weekend, people around the globe had their necks craned, looking to the night sky in an effort to catch some "shooting stars" as the annual peak of the..
on August 14, 2017 • CBC.ca

The Perseid meteor shower hit peak visibility over the weekend
on August 14, 2017 • Nottingham Post
Clear skies across much of the Northern hemisphere overnight Saturday into Sunday meant that the peak of the Perseid meteor shower was visible to many observers.
on August 14, 2017 • MailOnline
The Perseid meteor shower was seen over parts of the UK last night, giving stargazers the opportunity to spot dozens of shooting stars in the sky.Meteors are..
on August 14, 2017 • New Zealand Herald
The shooting stars spectacle is an annual meteor shower
on August 13, 2017 • Leicester Mercury
on August 13, 2017 • Telegraph.co.uk

Every July and August, as our planet passes through the trail of cosmic debris shed by the Comet Swift-Tuttle, earthlings are treated to celestial fireworks in..
on August 13, 2017 • CTV News

A display of hundreds of shooting stars has been captured by stargazers from across the UK.
on August 13, 2017 • BBC News
Many Essex residents headed out last night (August 12) in hope of seeing the Perseid Meteor Shower as it produced some impressive displays of up to 100 meteors..
on August 13, 2017 • Essex Chronicle
on August 13, 2017 • Telegraph.co.uk

Stargazers have been treated to a delightful display, as the Perseid meteor shower appeared in skies overnight.

The annual display has been seen since..
on August 13, 2017 • City A.M.
According to Physics Astronomy, this year's shower is the brightest in human history
on August 13, 2017 • Cambridge News
Astronomers and photographers have been observing the Perseid meteor shower which peaked this weekend.
on August 13, 2017 • RTE.ie

Stargazers able to wish upon a myriad of shooting stars
on August 13, 2017 • Independent

The 2017 Perseid meteor shower is peaking on Saturday, Aug. 12, according to NASA. Experts recommend getting out to the suburbs and away from city lights in New..
on August 12, 2017 • NJ.com

150 meteors per hour are expected to fill the skies.
on August 12, 2017 • East Lindsey Target
There is a meteor shower likely coming to the sky near you this weekend, think of it as a sky watching warm up for the Aug. 21 eclipse. You may have heard that..
on August 12, 2017 • Raw Story

Meteorologists predict that a meteor shower dubbed "the brightest yet" will be at its peak tonight (Saturday, August 12) - and that you'll be able to watch it in..
on August 12, 2017 • Croydon Advertiser
Meteorologists predict that a meteor shower dubbed "the brightest yet" will be at its best and brightest tonight (Saturday, August 12) - and that you'll be able..
on August 12, 2017 • Surrey Mirror
Forecasters say there will be clear skies across Ireland this evening which means people will have a good chance of observing the Perseid meteor shower.
on August 12, 2017 • RTE.ie

Whooshing sparkle dust from space is coming to Earth. Don't miss it.
on August 12, 2017 • Independent

When is the best time and best place to look for the perseid meteor shower? All the details of the August spectacle which could deliver up to 80 shooting stars..
on August 12, 2017 • Daily Record
The bad news is you are going to have to get up really early or really late to see the shower
on August 12, 2017 • Bristol Post
The shower will peak around 1:00 pm EDT on August 12, which means that the night before and the night after will both have good rates.
on August 12, 2017 • Zee News

The best time and place to view the display which could deliver up to 100 shooting stars an hour
on August 12, 2017 • Hull Daily Mail
Stargazers will get the opportunity to spot shooting stars during the annual Perseid meteor shower.
on August 12, 2017 • BBC News
Washington (UPI) Aug 11, 2017

Skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere will be treated to a show of shooting stars on Friday and Saturday night as the..
on August 11, 2017 • Space Daily
It looks like clear skies tonight will give us the best chance to view the shooting star display
on August 11, 2017 • Derby Telegraph

It looks like clear skies on Saturday will give us the best chance to view the shooting star display
on August 11, 2017 • Derby Telegraph

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