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With the Creators Update now out in the wild, Microsoft is already hard at work on the next major Windows 10 update, which is scheduled to launch in September...
1 week ago • BGR India

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft’s “Windows as a Service” strategy involved rolling out two major OS updates going live every year, and now the..
1 week ago • Softpedia
Get ready to receive major Windows updates faster than ever. Just a few weeks after shipping the Creators Update, Microsoft says it now plans on releasing new..
1 week ago • The Next Web
Microsoft revealed last year that it was planning two major Windows 10 updates for 2017. After shipping its Creators Update recently, the next major release will..
1 week ago • The Verge
With Windows 10 Creators Update now available for download, Microsoft can concentrate entirely on the next big milestone for its latest operating system,..
1 week ago • Softpedia
If a low-cost Microsoft Surface with a cloud-based Windows operating system sounds a lot like a Chromebook, that’s probably no coincidence. Windows PCs have..
2 weeks ago • PC World

In September 2014, Microsoft did something very uncharacteristic: Not only did it introduce the new Windows 10 operating system — it invited people to try out..
3 weeks ago • Business Insider
Major Windows 10 updates always mean hours of downloading dozens of gigabytes for every PC you own. That could all change after the Windows 10 Creators Update..
on March 29, 2017 • PC World

Mr. Sansi will be responsible for installing, configuring, managing, and monitoring all systems to ensure the highest levels of availability and redundancy. With..
on March 24, 2017 • PRWeb

Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 is often a challenge for many users, mostly because the process experiences all kinds of roadblocks that in the end..
on March 17, 2017 • Softpedia
The next major Windows 10 update is Creators Update, expected to arrive in April. The latest Windows Insider Bug Bash was aimed at assessing the latest Creators..
on February 27, 2017 • Digital Trends
The update will be available for free to all users.
on February 24, 2017 • DNA

Three years after Microsoft killed Windows XP for good, the rest of the tech world is ending its vigil for the venerated operating system. Even games that..
on February 21, 2017 • PC World

Blizzard has announced that gamers still running Windows XP and Vista would no longer be able to launch several of its titles, including here World of Warcraft,..
on February 20, 2017 • Softpedia
Microsoft hasn’t officially committed to a ship date for Windows 10’s Creators Update, but evidence suggests it could reach Insiders as soon as the end of..
on January 27, 2017 • PC World

Although the next major Windows 10 update ("Creators Update") is expected in spring 2017, Microsoft has released a new and improved version of its operating..
on January 13, 2017 • DNA

Microsoft is tentatively planning to release its next major Windows 10 update in April. MSPoweruser reports that the software giant is planning to finalize the..
on January 2, 2017 • The Verge
2016 was the year Microsoft pushed out a major Windows update, Linux celebrated its 25th anniversary and female personae took over AI
on December 29, 2016 • ComputerWeekly

A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled its major Windows 10 Creators Update with a focus on the software’s benefits for end users when it launches next year. On..
on December 6, 2016 • PC World

The next major Windows 10 update from Microsoft is significantly being made to smoothen things up for Windows users and the tech giants are leaving no stone..
on November 7, 2016 • Fab Newz

Today, Google’s Threat Analysis group disclosed a critical vulnerability in Windows in a public post on the company’s security blog. The bug itself is very..
on October 31, 2016 • The Verge
Microsoft wants artists and content creators to want its products. The company unveiled multiple creative-minded products at its keynote today, including a major..
on October 26, 2016 • The Verge
Microsoft's "Imagine What You'll Do" event is just under an hour away. The company is expected to show off new hardware and software at the New York City show --..
on October 26, 2016 • TUAW
Microsoft is hosting a major Windows 10 event on October 26. The company has been extremely tight lipped about what to expect, but all signs point to a new..
on October 24, 2016 • The Next Web
Everything about HP's Elite X3 seems like a gamble. It's the company's first phone in two years, and it's the first major Windows Phone device since Microsoft's..
on October 17, 2016 • engadget

Microsoft is planning at least two major updates to Windows 10 next year, and the first (codenamed Redstone 2) will likely arrive in March. Twitter..
on October 14, 2016 • The Verge
Microsoft is calling Google out on its latest improvents to battery life in Chrome. While the company acknowledges that competitors have made significant..
on September 15, 2016 • The Next Web
Windows users are complaining that Skype and other apps that require a webcam are no longer working, thanks to a major Windows 10 update earlier this month. And..
on August 22, 2016 • CBC.ca

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