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President Donald Trump lied about his policy accomplishments, interrupted himself, and went off on series of incoherent rants during a recent interview with The..
7 hours ago • Huffington Post

Julian Assange may soon be facing criminal charges.
10 hours ago • FOXNews.com

Having selected several key excerpts from Donald Trump's lengthy AP interview earlier, we urge readers looking for fascinating yet surreal bedtime reading to..
17 hours ago • Zero Hedge
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Don’t let his languid southern drawl or physical resemblance to the kindly Keebler elves fool you...
18 hours ago • Huffington Post

A 31-page manual on how to use the CIA's 'Weeping Angel' surveillance software is now available online
1 day ago • Independent

A US intelligence expert has speculated that Nigel Farage could be passing communications to Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in order to avoid..
1 day ago • MailOnline
A 31-page 'alleged' user guide for a CIA device code-named "Weeping Angel" was released by WikiLeaks on Friday, reported *CBS News*. The report claims that the..
1 day ago • DNA

WLAX - 2 days ago  ▶ 

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

My current working hypothesis is that the U.S. is a *late-stage empire about to enter a more..
2 days ago • Zero Hedge
Following an announcement from President Donald Trump’s Justice Department that there are plans to arrest Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the information..
2 days ago • Raw Story

“I’m glad that the Justice Department has found a way to go after Assange. He’s gotten a free ride for too long.” -— Rep. Peter King (R-New York), Apr..
3 days ago • Eurasia Review

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has all but dared U.S. officials to come after him
3 days ago • CBS News

The Trump Administration’s threat to criminally prosecute WikiLeaks could open the door to criminal charges against mainstream American news organizations..
3 days ago • The Wrap
Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday refused to rule out whether the Trump Administration might criminally prosecute mainstream news organizations for..
3 days ago • The Wrap
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President Trump wants Congress next..
3 days ago • Huffington Post

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says WikiLeaks founder's arrest 'a priority'
3 days ago • Independent

President Donald Trump says that if the Justice Department wants to charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, "it's OK with me."
3 days ago • Newsmax

Mr Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for five years
3 days ago • Independent

US President Donald Trump says "it's OK with me" if the Justice Department wants to charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
3 days ago • SBS

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday declined to say whether the Justice Department's decision to prepare charges against Julian Assange of WikiLeaks would..
3 days ago • CNNMoney

The Justice Department is considering charges against Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.
3 days ago • cbs4.com

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA) on Wednesday, ex-Afghan President Hamid Karzai - a former Washington Ally, made statements which go hand in hand..
3 days ago • Zero Hedge

CBS 4 WCCO Minnesota - 3 days ago  ▶  02:03

Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t assuage journalists’ fears Friday that prosecuting WikiLeaks could open the door to charging news organizations for..
3 days ago • Huffington Post

Friday news is the best news.

1. Canada ruled to uphold net neutrality. This is very good news and will protect the internet as know it… at least in..
3 days ago • Huffington Post

Jeff Sessions says the number of leaks is 'shocking', as rumours spread of charges being prepared.
3 days ago • BBC News

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