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A bomb blast at a hospital in the Thai capital, Bangkok, wounded 24 people on Monday, the third anniversary of a 2014 military coup.

There was no..
6 days ago • Mid-Day
*Beijing*: Twenty-five Indian doctors and their families, who were on a trip to China and got stuck at a hotel in Shenzhen over non-payment of dues, moved to..
6 days ago • Mid-Day

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1 week ago • NYTimes.com


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*THE TRUMP-COMEY SAGA CONTINUES *President Donald Trump lashed out..
1 week ago • Huffington Post

Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered last year and Fox 5 in Washington D.C. is now reporting that he may have been communicating with..
2 weeks ago • The Wrap
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “would be happy to consider hiring James Comey,” who was fired by President Trump on Tuesday night amid his FBI conducting..
2 weeks ago • The Wrap
In the aftermath of James Comey's termination, two of the most famous whistleblowers currently "in the wild" chimed in, and both were critical of Trump's..
3 weeks ago • Zero Hedge
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has accused the US administration of “political interference” for firing FBI Director James Comey while Julian Assange has..
3 weeks ago • WorldNews
The Democrats have gotten their wish from just 6 short months ago; James Comey is no longer Director of the FBI - *fired yesterday* for his handling of the..
3 weeks ago • Zero Hedge
Julian Assange has fired back at Hillary Clinton, branding her the “butcher of Libya” in a scathing response to the former presidential candidate’s..
3 weeks ago • Eurasia Review

One day after Hillary Clinton blamed Wikileaks (and James Comey) for her election loss, an angry Julian Assange responded to the former Secretary of State,..
3 weeks ago • Zero Hedge
WikiLeaks isn’t a “legitimate” publisher in the same way that traditional news outlets are, FBI Director James Comey said during a Senate Judiciary..
3 weeks ago • Huffington Post

CIA Director Mike Pompeo blasted Wikileaks during an event held by the Center for Strategic & International Studies today, despite having promoted the..
on April 13, 2017 • Zero Hedge
The real red herring is the Russia collusion story considering there is zero evidence that Russia actually tampered with the US elections.

By Adelle..
on April 7, 2017 • Eurasia Review

Donald Trump’s long-time pal and adviser Roger Stone again admitted that he communicated with the hacker linked by the FBI to Russian interference in the U.S...
on March 27, 2017 • Huffington Post

Monday’s House Intelligence Committee testimony by FBI Director James Comey appears to have satisfied the anti-Trump cravings of Democrats, some Republicans..
on March 23, 2017 • Eurasia Review

Russia used an intermediary to pass on hacked emails to Julian Assange's WikiLeaks' before US election, FBI director James Comey tells hearing.
on March 20, 2017 • SBS

There have been giants who served as president: George Washington helped found the country; Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; Teddy Roosevelt established the..
on January 18, 2017 • Huffington Post

After some early confusion on timing, Trump is finally set to receive his "intelligence" briefing from the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA..
on January 6, 2017 • Zero Hedge
President-elect Donald Trump, once again, downplayed Russia’s involvement in election-related cyber hacking and has taken to Twitter to promote..
on January 4, 2017 • The Wrap
The man who is undisputedly ground zero of the "Russian hacking campaign", former Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, whose emails provided an in-depth..
on December 18, 2016 • Zero Hedge
Let's be completely honest, America: we've just been handed an election result that was hand-picked, paid for, gift-wrapped, and delivered by our committed..
on December 10, 2016 • Huffington Post

Angry democrats are lashing out at anyone and anything they think contributed to Hillary's loss while vehemently igoring the simple fact that Hillary, and her..
on December 4, 2016 • Zero Hedge
Submitted by Uncola via TheTollOnline.com,

*During this season of Thanksgiving, I would like to express my overwhelming..
on November 20, 2016 • Zero Hedge
The finger pointing has begun. Hillary did not pay enough attention to Latinos, income inequality, deindustrialization, trade. Hillary was not right for the..
on November 15, 2016 • Huffington Post

Over the past month and a half, The Huffington Post has kept in regular communication with two undecided voters to get a sense of how the twists and turns of the..
on November 8, 2016 • Huffington Post

On Sunday night, Wikileaks enigmatically tweeted that it would launch “phase 3 of [its] US election coverage" in the coming week. The site put politicians on..
on October 31, 2016 • Zero Hedge
Dark smoke billows from the plane in Chicago airport. Pic/twitter

*Chicago:* Pilots were forced to abort a takeoff and evacuate..
on October 30, 2016 • Mid-Day
“She can't honour anything she is morally corrupt.”

“There is nothing this corrupt, deceitful, incompetent, power mad harpy won't..
on October 29, 2016 • Huffington Post

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said FBI Director James Comey's not questioning Hillary Clinton's claims of not understanding classification markings on State..
on September 7, 2016 • Newsmax

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