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Ben Einstein is a General Partner at Bolt, a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests at the intersection of hardware and software. He has no financial..
6 hours ago • Business Insider
Juicero came under fire after Bloomberg showed that you don't need its $400 (previously $700) machine to squeeze juice out of its proprietary fruit and vegetable..
10 hours ago • engadget

Juicero became the laugh of the tech industry last week after Bloomberg revealed that its custom fruit and vegetable packs could be squeezed into juice by hand...
10 hours ago • The Verge
Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Last week, I wrote a post titled, *What Can an Overhyped Silicon Valley Juice Company Tell Us..
1 day ago • Zero Hedge
Growing up, I cherished the occasional lazy Saturday morning when I could sleep in, eat breakfast in my pajamas, and watch cartoons. Back then, it seemed every..
1 day ago • Business Insider
The company Juicero sells bagged juice and expensive high-tech presses, but customers realized they could squeeze the juice by hand. Lynn Neary talks with..
3 days ago • NPR

Silicon Valley's $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze Ellen Huet and Olivia Zaleski, Bloomberg We never bought into the hype of a $700 juicer, but the folks at..
3 days ago • engadget

I asked Twitter an innocent question Friday: What, besides Juicero, the $400 Wi-Fi-enabled bag-squeezer the internet has been mocking all week, is the dumbest,..
4 days ago • Huffington Post

Perhaps you've heard of Juicero. It's a company whose name is "juicer" with an attached "o." Their thing is they want you to buy a $399 (formerly $699) juice..
4 days ago • Mashable

The CEO of Juicero is offering full refunds of the $400 juicing machine to any dissatisfied customers after two Bloomberg reporters showed that the luxury gadget..
4 days ago • bizjournals

After Bloomberg reported that some of Juicero's investors were surprised to learn consumers could get juice out of the startu -More- 
4 days ago • SmartBrief

The company says its $400 machine cold-presses juice out of packets sold via subscription. Then a Bloomberg News video showed people didn't actually need the..
4 days ago • NPR

Juicero's reputation is getting beaten to a pulp.
4 days ago • CNNMoney

Here we are! Another episode of The Vergecast. It’s been a busy week, which means lots for Nilay, Ashley, Dan, and Paul to talk about on the show. Facebook’s..
4 days ago • The Verge
Jeff Dunn, the CEO of Juicero, defended his company's product on Thursday after it became apparent that consumers could simply use their hands to squeeze juice..
5 days ago • MailOnline
Juicero ridiculed after it emerges sachets of ingredients can be squeezed just as easily by hand.
5 days ago • BBC News
You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Juicero. Not only did the company raise $120 million to sell $400 Wi-Fi enabled juicers and organic juice packs for $5-$8..
5 days ago • The Next Web
Good morning! Here's the tech news you need to know to end your week.

*1. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and major players in the advertising world are..
5 days ago • Business Insider
We never bought the hype on Juicero's $700 connected cold-press machine, but the company's CEO says anyone who did pay for one can get their money back. In a..
5 days ago • TUAW
Food safety innovation looks insufficient to save day at a well-backed juice start-up
5 days ago • FT.com

Juicero, the maker of a high-tech juicing machine, is offering full refunds to customers who are upset to learn that its juice packs can be squeezed by..
5 days ago • Business Insider
Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The primary driver behind my decision to walk away from a lucrative Wall Street career was my..
5 days ago • Zero Hedge
This is Juicero, a $400 juice machine made by a Silicon Valley startup:

Think of Juicero like a Keurig for cold-pressed juice. It takes packets, sold..
5 days ago • Business Insider
It's already being called "Juicegate". 

On Wednesday, Bloomberg broke the news that the high-end juicer backed by Silicon Valley's elite venture..
5 days ago • Business Insider
Juicero is offering all of its customers the option to return their juicer for a full refund within the next 30 days, even if they bought it as far back as when..
5 days ago • The Verge
HBO's "Silicon Valley," which kicks off its fourth season on Sunday, suffers from the blessing and the curse of living in interesting times. Try as they may, it..
5 days ago • bizjournals


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*BILL O’REILLY IS OUT* The Fox star has been let go from the..
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