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President Donald Trump had an eventful week visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel and some European cities including the Vatican City where he met with the Pope. He was..
9 hours ago • Eurasia Review

Authored by Matt Taibbi via RollingStone.com,

Democrat Rob Quist was beat by Greg Gianforte in Thursday's special election in Montana

13 hours ago • Zero Hedge
Democratic strategist Maria Cardona on Saturday argued former FBI Director James Comey acted “as an agent of the Russian government” when he delivered a..
16 hours ago • Raw Story

The crisis surrounding the Trump White House and its possible ties to Russia deepened with the disclosure of unreported meetings between the Russian ambassador..
22 hours ago • Huffington Post

The Trump White House has produced what appear to be at least three cover-ups. They relate to: 1) former-national security adviser Mike Flynn’s questionable..
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If I were a movie critic writing reviews of audience reactions to U.S. President Donald Trump’s performances abroad, they would look something like..
1 day ago • Huffington Post

The ghost of Richard Nixon tells Donald Trump to burn any incriminating tapes in a spooky “Simpsons” short marking the president’s 125th day in office..
1 day ago • Huffington Post

“The Simpsons” has marked President Donald Trump’s first 125 days in office in comic style.

In a new short posted online Friday the cartoon..
1 day ago • Huffington Post

Controversy has engulfed Trump since he fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9.
1 day ago • Zee News

The revelation President Trump may have asked ex-FBI Director James Comey to shut down the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn has..
2 days ago • Christian Science Monitor

Sources say the former FBI director feared the intelligence would discredit his investigation if leaked
2 days ago • Independent

One of the overlooked aspects of yesterday’s news that the F.B.I. is interested in Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, is that Kushner played a..
2 days ago • The New Yorker

Two days ago we highlighted a Washington Post story which suggested that *Comey only decided to host his now-infamous July 5th press conference*, the one where..
2 days ago • Zero Hedge
In lieu of the Friday night "Trump bombshell" deliverable from the NYT-WaPo complex, today it was Reuters' and the Wall Street Journal's turn to lay out the..
2 days ago • Zero Hedge
The primary bogeyman that’s been seared into our consciousness during the sprawling, ongoing investigations into Russian interference into the 2016 election..
2 days ago • Huffington Post

The Trump administration is looking for ways to recalibrate its affairs back home as President Donald Trump ends his first foreign trip as a head of..
2 days ago • Business Insider
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This week marks the 50th anniversary..
2 days ago • Huffington Post

After recovering from* another coughing fit*...

Hillary: COUGH

Dems: So inspiring

Hillary: I need a..
2 days ago • Zero Hedge
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Friday that President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey was "an effort to derail and..
2 days ago • Newsmax

Wochit News - 2 days ago  ▶  00:48

WASHINGTON ― As President Donald Trump unveiled a budget proposal this week that progressive groups have deemed the worst for women in a generation, his..
2 days ago • Huffington Post

A new profile of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published Friday reveals her initial reaction to President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James..
2 days ago • Huffington Post

WASHINGTON (AP) " The FBI says it needs more time to consider a request by Congress to turn over memos and other documents related to meetings between former FBI..
2 days ago • New Zealand Herald

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