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Cadillac, it turns out, does a great Tesla impression—for about 30 miles at least. That’s roughly when the battery runs dry on its new CT6 hybrid sedan. For..
2 hours ago • S.China Morning Post

After a story published late last week about Tesla in the Guardian , investors might zero in on one comment in particular that CEO Elon Musk made: He said the..
5 hours ago • New Zealand Herald
The largest solar-energy company in the U.S. has been called out by The Wall Street Journal for manipulating *a key sales metric shortly to try and boost the..
5 hours ago • Zero Hedge
· *Research from the new Diversity VC initiative found just 13% of decision makers in UK VC are women*
· *48% of VC firms have no women in their..
6 hours ago • Business Insider

Just because your Tesla can periodically drive itself doesn't mean you'll always like it. Elon Musk himself acknowledges that the sometimes rough Autopilot..
7 hours ago • TUAW
Musk has hit back at critics of the plan, publishing an FAQ on the company website outlining how it plans to achieve this vision.
11 hours ago • MailOnline
To Ford Motor Company, it must have felt like salt on a hemorrhaging wound.

Last month, Tesla became the world’s most valuable automaker. Never mind..
11 hours ago • The Verge
Having owned an Amazon Echo for over a year now, I am quick to recommend it to just about anyone. It is really perfect for the home. But I don't feel the same..
11 hours ago • Business Insider
Leading Edge Materials Corp (CVE:LEM) this year certainly seems to be delivering on its aim to supply materials vital for a low carbon energy world - not least..
13 hours ago • Proactive Investors

Elon Musk had suggested the electric car company could enter India this summer. That doesn't look likely.
14 hours ago • CNNMoney

New Tesla owners have been pretty patient with their vehicle's Autopilot system. Late last year, Musk announced that every Tesla Model X or Model S sold from..
15 hours ago • autoevolution
This article originally appeared on the Motley Fool. A Harvard graduate, with a doctorate from Columbia and a post-doc from Princeton, Hayden Planetarium..
17 hours ago • Raw Story

With Ford Motor Co. expected to announce the departure of CEO Mark Fields, some industry experts are calling it a takeover from within.

17 hours ago • Business Insider
With Ford Motor Co. expected to announce the departure of CEO Mark Fields, some industry experts are calling it a takeover from within.

17 hours ago • Business Insider
Tesla Motors may have to put its India plans on hold owing to local sourcing norms and supply issues, the company’s CEO Elon Musk hinted in a tweet. In..
18 hours ago • IndiaTimes

It's the middle of the night on a Sunday in the U.S., and of course Elon Musk is on Twitter. 

This time, the Tesla CEO shared a couple of details..
19 hours ago • Mashable

While Tesla fans have all been biding their time for the “summer” launch of the company’s cars in India, their patience is likely to go in vain. After..
20 hours ago • BGR India

The man behind Tesla and SpaceX says "neural lace" will help us keep up with evolving machine intelligence.
3 days ago • The Age

Tesla has been on an epic run since the beginning of 2017.

Its market cap, at around $50 billion, passed Ford's and now rivals General Motors. If all..
3 days ago • Business Insider
DeepMind's work with the NHS has been in the spotlight again this week after a regulator referred to one of the company's key partnerships with the NHS as..
3 days ago • Business Insider
North Korea’s recent launch of a missile it claims is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead — and its possible role in intercontinental cyberattacks..
3 days ago • Huffington Post

Tesla was downgraded from "overweight" to "equal-weight" by notorious Tesla bull Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley. Business Insider global editor-in-chief and CEO..
4 days ago • Business Insider
Investors haven't loved tech stocks this much since the height of the dot-com bubble.

The sector is on pace to absorb the most capital in 15 years,..
4 days ago • Business Insider
When you hear about Twitter these days, chances are it's because of the latest dispatches from our bombastic, erratic Tweeter-in-Chief, Donald J...
4 days ago • Mashable

Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to describe his gleaming white Fremont, California auto assembly plant as highly automated, with engineers developing robots that will..
4 days ago • bizjournals

Here is what you need to know.

*The Trump administration gave Wall Street some great news. *Testifying in front of the Senate banking committee on..
4 days ago • Business Insider
Elon Musk has a long list of followers on Twitter, and the power of his tweets has made Tesla the number one brand in engagement on the social network last..
4 days ago • autoevolution
Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Friday.

*1. Facebook was fined €110 million (£94 million) by the European Commission.*..
4 days ago • Business Insider

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