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Whoever said August is a quiet month for the stock markets?

Dixons Carphone shares have nose dived this morning after investors were spooked by a..
28 minutes ago • City A.M.
For almost 20 years, Northern Ireland has largely been at peace. Brexit now threatens to tear the scabs off of old wounds. London recently presented a plan for..
30 minutes ago • Spiegel
Infrastructure investment firm John Laing announced this morning it had taken a £25m hit on its Greater Manchester Waste projects while unveiling its half-year..
46 minutes ago • City A.M.
Peter Altmaier has been described as 'the most powerful man in Berlin'
49 minutes ago • Independent

The Brexit Secretary will rebuff EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier's demand to agree a figure as a condition for the start of trade talks over the winter.
1 hour ago • MailOnline
A landmark UK Brexit survey has revealed that companies active in Britain's farm-to-fork sector expect to face a serious lack of workers, should there be an..
2 hours ago • Deutsche Welle

Just under half of Enterprise Ireland-supported construction firms have reduced their exposure to the UK market since the Brexit vote.
2 hours ago •

A third of companies in Britain’s food and drink sector could be left unviable as a result of Brexit-fuelled workforce shortages, leading trade bodies from..
3 hours ago • City A.M.
Nearly half of the businesses operating in Britain's food supply chain say European Union workers are thinking about leaving because of uncertainty around..
3 hours ago • EurActiv

The French president has found a scapegoat in temporary workers from Eastern Europe, making the same mistake as the UK in the lead up to Brexit, writes Antonia..
3 hours ago • EurActiv

The Labour leader spoke out one day after Nicola Sturgeon joined forces with Welsh leader Carwyn Jones to warn of a “power grab” by the Tories.
4 hours ago • Daily Record
Growing British appetite for whisky has led to a 65 per cent increase in the price of top-shelf brands over the past 18 months.

The average price of a..
4 hours ago • City A.M.
Scrapping air passenger duty for under-30s and making it easier for young people to live and work abroad would help the Conservatives win over younger voters, a..
4 hours ago • City A.M.
LONDON (AP) " The European Union's highest court could still carry weight in Britain after Brexit even though the country will leave its "direct jurisdiction,"..
4 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

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5 hours ago •

Survey suggests many firms are eyeing opportunities elsewhere to mitigate risk
5 hours ago • Irish Times

A delegation of City businesses will head to Germany after the election in a bid to gauge the new government's stance on Brexit..
6 hours ago • City A.M.
Submitted by Paul Brodsky from Macro Allocation

*Being Here*
    “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in..
7 hours ago • Zero Hedge
Channel 4 presenter and journalist Jon Snow has admitted he 'got it wrong on Brexit and Donald Trump' and added he was 'out of touch' with public feeling at a..
8 hours ago • MailOnline
DEBATE: Are the terms of the position paper on the ECJ’s future jurisdiction welcome?

*YES – Gina Miller, founding partner of SCM..
9 hours ago • City A.M.
This week sees David Davis attempt to get the Brexit negotiations on to the serious stuff that really matters to Britain: what our trading relationship with the..
9 hours ago • City A.M.
Economists for Free Trade was re-launched this week by 16 of Britain’s leading economists to promote the case for true free trade, with zero tariff and..
9 hours ago • City A.M.
Government changes that allow EU citizens who are rough sleepers to be deported blamed for the rise
9 hours ago • Independent

Nearly half of businesses operating in Britain's food supply chain say European Union workers are thinking about leaving because of uncertainty around Brexit, an..
9 hours ago • DNA

The food industry warns that a Brexit workforce shortage could leave a third of its businesses unviable.
10 hours ago • BBC News
Businesses in the food and drink sector fear Brexit could strip out crucial workers from the supply chain, potentially leading to higher prices and a lack of..
10 hours ago • City A.M.
Progress in Brexit negotiations is slow, but where are the hold ups coming from? Both Brussels and the UK appear eager to pin the blame on the each other, but..
10 hours ago • City A.M.
Britain must brace itself for a "high noon moment" over euro clearing with France and Germany determined to force the sector into the Eurozone, the City of..
10 hours ago • City A.M.
Government says relationship should continue
11 hours ago • Independent

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