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Sometime between Monday and Wednesday this week, a trillion-ton iceberg broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula. It’s a fascinating geological phenomenon to..
1 day ago • Christian Science Monitor

'Will the glaciers behind the ice shelf accelerate and have a direct contribution to sea level rise?'

Are we on a sinking ship, watching dreadfully as..
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· *Iceberg A-68, which recently calved from Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf, is the third-largest iceberg on record.*
· *Some scientists have described..
5 days ago • Business Insider
Stronger winds 6000kms away on the East Antarctic, have generated waves that circle the continent at almost 700kmh. When these waves meet the steep underwater..
6 days ago • Science Daily

· *An iceberg the size of Delaware broke off of an Antarctic ice shelf between July 10 and July 12.*
· *Scientists aren't sure exactly what caused the..
1 week ago • Business Insider
The evening sun stayed high in the sky, shining orange-tinted rays on tabular icebergs floating in magnificent procession through the Weddell Sea on the eastern..
1 week ago • New Zealand Herald
A one trillion tonne iceberg has broken off from an Antarctic ice shelf, changing the shape of the Antarctic Peninsula.
1 week ago • Brisbane Times

Paris (ESA) Jul 13, 2017

Over the last few months, a chunk of Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf has been hanging on precariously as a deep crack cut..
1 week ago • Terra Daily
A 13-year-old Indian-origin boy with a dairy allergy died here in the UK after suffering a severe reaction to a piece of cheese allegedly forced on him by a..
1 week ago • Mid-Day
A one trillion tonne iceberg – one of the biggest ever recorded — has calved away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica, after a rift in the ice,..
1 week ago • Eurasia Review

A crack in an Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf birthed one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, scientists announced Wednesday morning.

"The calving..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider
NASA satellite images show the growth of the crack in the Larsen C ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula, from 2006 to 2017.
2 weeks ago • FOXNews.com

· *A 1.1-trillion-ton iceberg has calved off Antarctica, into the Southern Ocean.*
· *The block of ice is roughly the area of Delaware and the volume of..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider
A giant iceberg breaking off Antarctica is a disconcerting sight, but it's also fascinating to watch.

One of the largest icebergs ever recorded..
2 weeks ago • Mashable

The calving of the 5,800 square kilometre iceberg leaves the Larsen C Ice Shelf reduced in area by more than 12 per cent, and the landscape of the Antarctic..
2 weeks ago • DNA

An iceberg roughly the size of Delaware and weighing more than a trillion tons has broken off an ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The calving off..
2 weeks ago • The Verge
A one trillion tonne iceberg has broken off from an Antarctic ice shelf, changing the shape of the Antarctic Peninsula forever.
2 weeks ago • The Age

· *Antarctica has shed an iceberg that's big enough to fill Lake Michigan.*
· *It weighs about 1 trillion metric tonnes.*
· *It may be the..
2 weeks ago • Business Insider
A block of ice a quarter the size of Wales calves from the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.
2 weeks ago • BBC News
One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded is about to break away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf. The mass of ice, about the size of Delaware, is poised..
3 weeks ago • Raw Story

One of the largest icebergs ever recorded is about to break off an Antarctic ice shelf and float away. The separation of roughly 10 percent of the Antarctic..
3 weeks ago • Raw Story

Watch VideoBoaty McBoatface is back from its first expedition.

Everyone's favorite yellow robotic submersible made it home to the U.K. from..
3 weeks ago • Newsy
The unmanned submersible was deployed to explore the Orkney Passage, a deep region of the ocean about 500 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula
3 weeks ago • CBS News

Researchers have captured unprecedented data about some of the coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth - known as Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) - during first..
on June 28, 2017 • Science Daily

Boaty dived to depths of up to 4,000m (13,000ft) to obtain information about temperature from Orkney Passage, a region of the Southern Ocean some 500 miles from..
on June 27, 2017 • MailOnline
Penguins, and humans, are going to have to adapt to climate change in order to survive - Penguins in Antarctica are already being put to the test. This from..
on June 24, 2017 • PRWeb

· *A giant crack in one of Antarctica's largest ice shelf** is about to break off a Delaware-sized block of ice.*
· *The crack in the ice shelf, called..
on June 2, 2017 • Business Insider
On the same day that President Donald Trump is making his big announcement on whether to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement on climate change, potentially..
on June 1, 2017 • Mashable

(Natural News) Climate alarmists such as Al Gore have long claimed that climate change is man-made and likely will destroy the world if we don’t curb carbon..
on May 27, 2017 • NaturalNews.com

Antarctica, the desolate southernmost continent boasting the coldest climate on Earth, usually brings to mind visions of ice, snow and penguins.

on May 24, 2017 • Huffington Post

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