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1 week ago • Business Insider
A popular plugin was recently cloned and downloaded more than 37,000 before people caught on. Over 1,400 counterfeit versions of the extension have been reported..
2 weeks ago • The Next Web
Some 37,000 people downloaded a spam version of the "AdBlock Plus" extension from Google after a fraudulent ad blocking extension snuck through Google Chrome's..
2 weeks ago • Mashable

A phony AdBlock Plus extension was listed in Chrome’s official Web Store up until today, with more than 30,000 people having downloaded it. Anonymous..
2 weeks ago • The Verge
Adtoniq releases comprehensive products for websites to maximize the value of their blocked audience

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) October 05,..
3 weeks ago • PRWeb

Facebook -- like many companies who exist solely online -- is highly reliant on ad revenue. As such, it goes to great lengths to outwit ad-blocking tools that..
on September 26, 2017 • betanews

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Facebook built on..
on September 25, 2017 • Business Insider
Mozilla released on Thursday new updates for its Firefox for iOS and Firefox Focus for Android apps adding new features like tracking protection and..
on September 21, 2017 • Softpedia
Microsoft has become the latest member of the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). The group works with technology companies and trade organizations to help develop..
on September 21, 2017 • betanews

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

When a big advertiser pulls its online adverts and its sales remain unchanged, that tells everyone..
on September 15, 2017 • Zero Hedge
· *BuzzFeed has decided to run banner ads — the ubiquitous, clickable square and rectangle ads that appear all over the internet — after years of talking..
on September 3, 2017 • Business Insider
Ad blocking is a hot topic. While many argue it’s still in its infancy stage, it’s not to be ignored. Fun fact: “One in five smartphone users, or almost..
on September 1, 2017 • bizjournals

on August 25, 2017 • The Register

MUNICH (Reuters) - A German court ruled on Thursday that ad-blocking software by vendor Eyeo was legal, dealing a blow to media groups ProSiebenSat.1, RTL and..
on August 17, 2017 • Reuters

Switch on the ad blocking toggle that appeared this week in Google's experimental version of Chrome, and nothing will happen.

The feature is out of..
on August 3, 2017 • Mashable

Karma, the company that sells a small hotspot device called Go, has announced a new specialised security product called Karma Black that will provide its users..
on August 2, 2017 • The Verge
Google is making a move to upgrade your mobile browsing experience in future versions of Chrome. The search giant is finally banishing those distracting ads that..
on July 31, 2017 • Mashable

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google would soon include built-in ad blocking in Chrome for both mobile and desktop. While the feature..
on July 31, 2017 • TUAW

According to a new survey by advert filtering company AdGuard, 57 percent of internet users have either fallen prey to advert scammers, or are worried about..
on July 21, 2017 • betanews

It appears Apple may be cracking down on some VPN-based ad blockers that are designed to block ads in third-party apps, based on a recent interaction iOS..
on July 14, 2017 • MacRumours.com

It's not your imagination. There are videos playing on most of those websites you visit, whether you wanted them to play or not.

But that dynamic may..
on July 14, 2017 • Business Insider
Both Apple and Google are introducing new ad blocking tech, but it is Apple's focus on retargeting and making an ad-free experience part of its premium..
on June 30, 2017 • Marketing Week

New release of ad blocking technology delivers latest HTML5 solutions to marketers and protects against ad fraud during Flash transition NEW YORK, 2017-06-28..
on June 28, 2017 • FinanzNachrichten.de


*New release of ad blocking technology delivers latest HTML5 solutions to marketers and protects against ad fraud during Flash..
on June 28, 2017 • GlobeNewswire

The rise of news consumption through social media and the ‘fake news’ phenomenon has raised doubt over the value of original news production. This column..
on June 23, 2017 • Eurasia Review
Firefox released an Android version of its private browser Firefox Focus today. It’s the software company’s answer to consumers’ desire for greater..
on June 20, 2017 • The Verge
The days of annoying auto-play video ads may be numbered. Google and Apple have announced ad-blocking features that will likely be rolled out in the next year.
on June 16, 2017 • CBC.ca

It's time for some Friday ad questions.

It's been hard not recognize the irony that the recent escalation in online ad blocking being driven by tech..
on June 9, 2017 • Business Insider
The annual Internet Trends report from Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker released last week holds a bevy of insights on where the internet stands in 2017 and..
on June 7, 2017 • Business Insider

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