Here's Why You Shouldn't Swallow A Fish Whole - If You Really Need To Know

Friday, 13 October 2017  (6 days ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Lots of people enjoy fish cooked in a variety of different ways. From smoked salmon to breakfast kippers and the traditional British battered cod, there’s a taste for just about everyone – and let’s not even get started on sushi – though if raw fish is really up your street, who are we to honestly judge? What’s probably not worth doing, however, is swallowing an entire fish whole – while it’s still living – and flopping about. While one unlucky man found this out to his chagrin this week, it was never really meant to be on the menu.

In a story that’s likely to pad out the ‘odd’ section of any news source, we’re faintly stunned to report that, in the aftermath of a 28-year-old man having been pranking around with a dover sole, it jumped down his throat – almost choking him to death. The man had reportedly been joking around with the miniature creature around his mouth and it is said to have wiggled free and danced down his throat – blocking his airways completely. The drama reportedly unfolded over in Dorset, UK, where this sort of thing – apparently – goes down.

As the man, who’s not been named, received CPR in light of the incident, it’s reported that he went into cardiac arrest before regaining a pulse through medic support. It was found that the whole sole had blocked the prankster’s windpipe completely – and it was a life-or-death game of ‘operation’ to safely remove the fish from the man’s throat en route to hospital. Luckily, medics were able to safely remove the aquatic acrobat – though after six attempts!

One medic has referred to the incident as the most bizarre he’s ever attended – though it is good news all around that the man has safely recovered without any lasting issues as a result of his cardiac arrest. It’s also miraculous that the fish’s bones didn’t supply lasting damage to his throat – meaning that the patient really has slipped free as much as the fish did.

Therefore, here’s a cautionary tale – if you’ve caught a fish that’s small enough to fit down your windpipe, it’s probably best you don’t start fooling around with it near your mouth. Otherwise, you could be facing a flip-flopping flounder flying down your throat in no time at all. Take heed – bizarre accidents can and do happen!

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