The British Wake Up To The Most Shocking Brexit Impact Yet - Their Breakfasts Are Going Up In Price

Tuesday, 11 July 2017  (2 weeks ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. No matter where you live in the world, it’s been hard to avoid talk of the UK leaving the European Union, particularly as it was a momentous decision that many didn’t see coming – and, unfortunately, that some media outlets suggest the government may not have been fully prepared for. Removing the UK from the EU requires a mass untangling of laws, finances and more besides – spare a thought for your fellow British readers, therefore, who are either awaiting the March 2019 exit date with eagerness, or are dreading the next 20 months of speculation and dealmongering. There have been a few things already impacted by the impending departure – the stock market and value of the British Pound notwithstanding – but if news this week is to be believed, many a muncher in the UK could be waking up to more expensive breakfasts from spring 2019 onwards.

According to KPMG, the cost of a traditional British breakfast – or ‘fry up’ as it is colloquially known – could rise by up to 12.8% after Brexit, should the UK opt to return to World Trade Organisation rates for importing. This, of course, stands to happen should the UK not come away with a deal after negotiations. This figure is calculated based upon potential importing from Ireland, Italy and Spain – and while many of the ingredients of a ‘fry up’ come from British farms and factories, the pinch will surely still be felt.

A ‘fry up’ traditionally consists of pork sausage, bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, baked beans (a British staple), black pudding, toast or fried bread, fried mushrooms and a glass of orange juice – there’s even been the introduction of a hash brown or two into the mix over the years. The cost of Brexit is far from fully determined, certainly for the consumer and average citizen – and it could mean that, on top of the fluctuating strength of the Pound, inflation and other market issues, British breakfast fanatics may find themselves craving a continental alternative if their sausages and bacon are to be hit hard!

UK readers, take heart for now – enjoy your full breakfasts – you can’t take them with you! A deal with regard to trade between the UK and Europe will likely be fleshed out in the months to come – meaning that if you’re really worried, it might be worth stockpiling oil and juice right away!

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