Is The Missing Link Between The US And North Korea.. Dennis Rodman?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017  (1 week ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

In recent months, North Korea has entered the news again following reports that they are continuing to test nuclear devices and missiles – and that they could potentially be developing a missile that may even reach the US – and, as such, tensions between countries have never been greater. Certainly, the relationship between the US and North Korea have never been particularly solid – but with rhetoric from either side claiming headlines in recent months, many are keen to see some form of resolution rear its head sooner rather than later. Bizarrely, someone who believes he may hold the link between the two countries has made a further visit to Pyongyang – that someone is Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star who has made more of a name for himself making headlines than shooting hoops in recent years.

Rodman has been photographed with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un on several occasions, as the former basketballer’s publicist advised that he was still friends with the leader – this isn’t the first time that he’s been to Pyongyang to meet with the controversial figurehead – and, as his publicist further pointed out, Rodman is in fact in a rather unique position – that he is friends with both Kim and Trump. Could this mean that – in a very bizarre twist – the link people are searching for to bridge the gap between the US and North Korea is Dennis Rodman? Maybe so – then again, maybe not.

Rodman himself certainly seems to believe that he’s doing some good, having advised that he had made his most recent trip to visit Mr Kim in an attempt to try and ‘open a door’ in 2014, and that he wanted to ‘accomplish something we both need’ on behalf of President Trump and the US. Tensions continue to run high between the two countries – no less due to the continued custody of four American nationals in North Korea – something which Rodman has distanced himself from for the time being.

Rodman’s continued visits to the reclusive state have been captured across worldwide media, with US officials continuing to warn nationals not to visit North Korea in the interests of personal safety. Rodman’s previous visits to see Kim Jong Un are well-documented – but can the ex-NBA superstar really help to break down the dangerous rhetoric that is currently bouncing around? Many are skeptical – but in the world and political climate we live in right now, stranger things have certainly happened.

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