Has Trump Gone Too Far For His Own Fans Now?

Saturday, 16 September 2017  (1 week ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Donald Trump is, of course, shaping up to be perhaps the most newsworthy US President of the modern age – for better or for worse. While he has largely inspired much of what the media has termed to be the ‘alt-right’ during his run up to election success last year, criticism on his stances on certain issues such as immigration, climate change, security and allegations made against his overall competence have been widespread across the mainstream media. Trump has famously battled with much of the media – save for one or two allied broadcasters – in his mission against what he calls ‘fake news’ – but it seems that even a few of his own hard-line supporters and Republican followers may have had enough of him.

It’s been alleged that the US President may be brokering a deal with the Democratic Party to help protect immigrants who arrived on US shores as children – and have since helped to contribute to society. The scheme, known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), was brought in during Barack Obama’s tenure in office – and it is something which hard-right US citizens have been strongly against since day one. While Trump has denied that such a deal has taken place, and that a vote between congressmen would need to take place before DACA’s future is decided in such a way, his further tweets seemingly against the idea of ‘throwing out’ ‘good, educated and accomplished people’ seem to suggest that his mind may already have been made up on the issue – causing some Trump supporters and right-wing broadcasters to rise up in anger.

Some passionate Trump followers took to social media to film themselves burning their ‘Make America Great Again’ caps – symbols of Trump’s rise to power during his campaigning in 2016 – and some if the biggest voices representing right-wing media have decried Trump’s potential soft-line approach on the DACA issue. It is certainly a stark difference to the Trump who offered up a wall on the border of Mexico during his campaign – which is still thought to be in the pipeline – despite Mexico having outright refused to fund the barrier. Could it be that the people most enamored by the President’s rhetoric during his campaigning are, too, tiring of his time in office? Who knows – with the DACA issue still up in the air, and with Trump yet to complete a full year in office, anything could happen – and given the past few months of scandals and allegations, who’s to say they won’t?

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