Does Trump Want Obama To Sack His Ambassadors?

Saturday, 7 January 2017  (1 week ago)

by Graham Pierrepoint -

The transition between current US President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump later this month is going to be an interesting one – the two figures stand on opposite sides on many issues, and Trump has made it clear that he wishes for a number of changes to be made with regard to the setup that Obama has currently been operating under. As Congress is now Republican in the majority, change is certainly on the horizon – and while the next President may have back-tracked on a number of policies that made his campaign trail so divisive and media-worthy, there is no doubt that a lot of things are going to change.


Amongst such things, it is being reported, Trump’s team has allegedly requested that Obama’s foreign ambassadors leave their current posts by Inauguration Day on January 20th – a fairly unprecedented move with less than a month’s notice having been offered. It is clear that Trump wants to tear up much of the establishment rule book – one of the enduring quotes of his campaign was that he wished to ‘drain the swamp’ with regard to political bureaucracy – but this change could mean that the US is without representation in a number of key foreign territories. That is, at least, until Trump finalizes who he wishes to appoint in such posts himself.

The news has been greeted by ambassadors with shock and disappointment, and there are rumors that many will seek to appeal the decision that they should leave at short notice, particularly following assertion over the years that they would be able to retain or extend their posts if they wished to. It is, it would appear, another radical change that is rapidly defining Trump’s Presidency before it has even begun. Certainly, it appears that the President-elect is ready to clear house before he reaches the Oval Office on January 20th – but he has yet to confirm a full list of those ambassadors whom he wishes to take the departing officials’ places.


With only a few days before Trump takes control of the US Presidency, the nation is bearing up to what may be one of the wildest transitions in leadership in recent history. Time will tell exactly how Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence will fare in office – but it is unlikely that protests, nor media outrage, will slow down any time soon.

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