From Fingerprints To Faces - Are Apple Looking At A Whole New Form Of Scanning?

Saturday, 15 July 2017  (1 week ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

It’s not been long since it was announced that Qualcomm – developing technology for use in Android handsets and tablets – would be looking to implement under-screen fingerprint analysis in future models to be brought around by Sony, Samsung and more. In this time, it’s been wondered just what Apple – who are of course at the forefront of the smartphone industry – would be doing to counteract the technology and the announcement. After all, while many Apple users will be perfectly happy with the Touch ID technology currently prevalent in iPhones and iPads, it remains to be said that the future of quick-touch control may well lie in integration beneath the screen.

Not long after confirmation from Qualcomm came through regarding fingerprint technology did news regarding Apple’s future take on smart unlocking seep through the rumor mill – as Bloomberg suggests that Apple could in fact be looking to ditch Touch ID in future iterations of their product line. This could be a very big move indeed – particularly as Touch ID has remained a fairly big factor in Apple devices’ ease of use over the past few years. But what are the firm planning to integrate for future devices in its stead – according to rumor?

It’s thought that, according to a number of pointers, that Apple may well be bringing in 3D face recognition for future iPhone and iPad releases – which will of course mean that unlocking a device could be as simple as looking at it. Rumors surrounding this move come as Apple were thought to be mass-purchasing 3D camera technology – and that ‘3D sensing’ has been on the rumor sheet for future iPhone capabilities for a while. The introduction of this technology could, ultimately, be completely separate to that of smart unlocking – but if the firm can implement the tech in a convincing and effective manner, it could stand to revolutionize handset manufacture entirely.

Will 3D face recognition become commonplace across Apple devices in the years to come? It’s not so clear, just yet – but if the rumors that Apple are planning to go all-out to make the iPhone 8 a completely new affair are true, this would be a fantastic addition. Will Android competitors be able to pull off something similar in the meantime? Keep your ear to the ground – and let’s wait and see – we’ll know soon enough!

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