Have Wireless Charging And Waterproofing Just Been Confirmed For The iPhone 8?

June 17, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Time is pressing on, and, of course, for Apple fans that will mean less time to wait for news on the next handset in the hugely popular iPhone range to be revealed. The iPhone 7 was unveiled last fall to some division, with criticism leveled at the relative lack of innovation in the device in comparison with previous devices in the product line – meaning that, arguably, Apple will be looking to knock their next phone out of the park. The supposed next installment in the line-up is facing all manner of speculation – even on its name, which has been referred to variously as either the iPhone Version or, rather simply, iPhone 8.

Speculation has been rife as to what features could possibly await future iPhone 8 users – how can you improve on a device which is widely regarded as the market leader? While the iPhone has been around for considerable years now and continues to be extraordinarily popular both in the East and the West – it remains to be said that the series of handsets is due something of a revolution in design. Therefore, Apple fans will likely find news regarding the forthcoming device somewhat exciting.

According to Wistron, responsible for supplying parts for iPhone construction – who are based in Taiwan – it appears that both wireless charging and device waterproofing will become standard for the next handset to be revealed, likely later this year. The news comes derived from a report from Wistron CEO Robert Hwang, who advised shareholders that ‘new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing’. The comments come as the iPhone 8 continues to be shrouded in mystery – and while the details are being referred to as a leak, they do somewhat confirm that Apple’s supposed focus on wireless charging may in fact bear fruit after all.

Certainly, for iPhone owners, the introduction of waterproofing and wireless charging will alter matters a fair bit – and may also encourage the brand to once again stick their necks out ahead of a more challenging market. Since Apple’s rise in the smartphone game, rivals in Sony, Huawei, Samsung and HTC have continued to innovate – making the market more than a mere one-horse race. With the all-encompassing Google having recently thrown their hat into the smartphone ring too – it remains to be seen who will be the ultimate victor in this hugely competitive market.


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