Brace Yourself - Samsung Could Be Bringing Back a Relic

Sunday, 16 April 2017  (1 week ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Samsung have had a mixed year or two. Looking to pick themselves up from the controversies surrounding last year’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices, the firm has been working hard to prepare their newest range of smartphones and devices in an effort to re-establish their brand with the populace. The quality assurance of Samsung was largely called into question following the Note scandal, yet the firm has been making large strides in the direction of their newest products in recent months – and there’s even been talk regarding their own virtual assistant, Bixby, set to compete alongside Siri and Cortana – and recent news suggests that they may be resurrecting a long-forgotten device that many of today’s kids may not even have been around to witness the first time.

The flip phone is, of course, seen as a 00s throwback. There are still manufacturers who roll out flip devices on a lesser basis, but it has been a long time since flipping your phone open was considered cutting edge! Samsung seem set to produce a device, codenamed the Galaxy X, which possesses dual screen technology and the stunning ability to fold in two. The firm has already filed a patent for foldable tech, with hints available to suggest that the new device may operate similar to the flip phones of old – though it may also mean that a phone could even open up into a full-sized tablet.

Sources aren’t so concerned about whether the technology will work, but more about how marketable the device will be. The tech will allow smartphone users to safely fold up their phones or even allow them to extend their displays across two screens. Rumors circulating believe that Samsung may even reveal the technology and a prototype ahead of Apple’s latest iPhone later this year. It’s thought that the device’s second display may even activate when you unfold it, making it a responsive and flexible device that can expand and offer an expandable screen. This, on top of thoughts surrounding Samsung developing a smartphone that can be docked for use as a desktop PC while at home, all point towards the phone taking their biggest leaps in years – can they save the brand? Many tech heads are looking to the firm to see what comes next – and we can hardly blame them. Rest assured, we will let you know if there are any movements!

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