Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still Exploding - Company Halts Production

Monday, 10 October 2016
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7 after reports of fires in replacement devices --

It’s not been a great year for Samsung – that much is an understatement to say the very least. The corporation has recently faced mass recalls of their Galaxy Note 7 devices after widespread battery explosions occurred throughout its userbase – costing several million dollars in replacement and recall fees as a result – and the devices were banned from airlines due to safety reasons, with mainstream companies advising passengers to avoid using their Note 7s at all during flights at the start of their standard safety procedures.

One would assume that, after the disaster that has plagued Samsung following the Note 7 explosions, replacement models would hopefully be able to pick up where their defective predecessors left off – offering a range of features that users would be able to enjoy without fear of injury or damage. However, it has emerged via several reputable sources over the weekend that replacement Note 7 devices are also exhibiting signs of destructive behavior, with one user reportedly having attend his local ER. The man in question is reported to have received a replacement device from Samsung before witnessing the device catching fire and producing thick smoke. The user was treated for smoke inhalation – off the back of a device which the manufacturer had reportedly shipped as safe.

It’s a saga that Samsung is really having to chase its tail over, as more replacement devices are continuing to allegedly explode or self-destruct with little encouragement. The news has dealt a heavy blow to those users that remain loyal to the brand and manufacturer, with some sources having run polls to find that patience with the company may now be running thin. In a year where Apple reveal their latest iPhone range and Google attempt to tackle the smartphone market, these turn of events couldn’t come at a more inconvenient time for the manufacturer.

That being said, the inconvenience should surely belong to the users – as Samsung now potentially face further reparations to be made over faulty replacement devices, as well as further damage having been dealt to the brand, the manufacturing process and their reputation.

Recent media reports say that Samsung has temporarily suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7 altogether, indicating that the South Korean company is now taking more drastic measures to reverse course.

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