Justine Damond is the 541st person shot dead by US police this year

Tuesday, 18 July 2017  (4 days ago)
Justine Damond's death brings home to Australians the high rate of people killed by police in the US.

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The Minneapolis police chief has resigned after coming under fire following the deadly shooting of Australian Justine Damond.
11 hours ago • SBS
Minneapolis Police have launched a review into the use of force following Australian woman Justine Damond's shooting.
3 days ago • SBS
Nearly every aspect of Justine Damond's death rewrites a script that too often shunts victims of police violence to the fringes of the day's news agenda.
8 hours ago • The Age
Weeks before she was shot dead by police, Justine Damond climbed into a storm drain and rescued a group of ducklings.
3 days ago • The Age

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