Top Gun 2 Is Happening - Sooner Than You Think

Tuesday, 11 July 2017  (2 weeks ago)
by Graham Pierrepoint -

It really does seem that we can’t leave the 80s behind right now – as musical influences and even certain fashion statements still seem to be seeping into our culture everywhere we look. Certainly, there are parallels to be made between our entertainment choices and even our political situations from twenty years prior – but one route we really do seem to keep going down is returning to the same old favorites – resurrecting the movies we loved for a new audience. It didn’t seem to work too well for Ghostbusters last year – and with alleged sequels to The Goonies and even a mooted Gremlins 3 supposedly in the pipeline, it appears that one of many long-proposed follow-ups from the decade that taste forgot could be landing sooner than expected.

Someone, somewhere, wanted a sequel to Top Gun – the fighter jet action thriller that arguably helped to launch the careers of the young Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer – and if you’re willing to wait until 2019, you’ll get the chance to see what Maverick and Iceman have been up to all these years. While Kilmer’s return as Iceman hasn’t been confirmed as yet, the star has been vocal about wanting to return to the cast – and it appears that Cruise is already signed up. The movie is tentatively titled Top Gun: Maverick, according to Cruise, and it’s been confirmed by Paramount that they are aiming for a July 12 release in 2019 – so only two years to wait.

The original Top Gun was directed by the late, great Tony Scott – meaning that an alternative director has been sought for the top job this time around. Reports suggest that TRON: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is on board to helm the revival, with IMDB so far confirming this. There doesn’t seem to be much confirmation as to what the plot will be for Maverick’s return, but it’s thought that original director Scott has planned to meet with Cruise to discuss such a sequel – with his suicide resulting in the project remaining untouched for several years.

Why has Top Gun 2 been picked up now? And why the lack of ‘2’ in the title? Nothing’s clear just yet – but Paramount are likely keen to see the 80s revival fad hold out for just a little bit longer yet. Buckle up and bring a wingman to the theater in two years’ time to find out what the fuss is all about!

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